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I’m eating dirt now

Email sent: May 31, 2019 12:20 pm

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Trainer Josh Fitness

Happy Friday!

Hopefully you successfully made it through the week after the 3-day holiday weekend.

It’s always harder trying to stay on track when you had a little too much fun over a long weekend.

But at least we made it! Haha

I just came across a new study that suggests you might want to go outside & start playing in some dirt.

Nowadays it feels like kids are living in an over-sterilized world.

You don’t see kids outside playing in the dirt much these days.

Today it feels like kids would much rather be playing on their iPads & staring at the boob tube.

And I even kinda feel like an ol’ fooby talking like… “Well back in my day we used to play in the dirt!” Haha

This study suggested there are healthy microorganisms in dirt that are good for you.

These microorganisms we're exposed to (especially in childhood) can boost your immune system & can even fight off allergies + asthma.

These “old friends” known as microorganisms in the dirt can also help to fight off inflammation too.

One specific microorganism found in dirt Mycobacterium vaccae has been found in studies to be a powerful antidepressant & has a long-lasting anti-inflammatory effect on the brain.

So does this mean you should go out in the backyard right now & start eating dirt?

Well I wouldn’t go that far! Haha

But getting more exposure to these “old friend” microorganisms can give your body a BIG boost in fat-busting health benefits.

This is why I take Athletic Greens every day.

It has a bountiful serving of probiotics that not only improve your gut health but also boost your immune system & fight off belly-flab.

These probiotics are the “old friend” microorganisms you can get in a quick tasty drink every morning… which is a whole lot easier than going outside & eating dirt! Haha

Plus with Athletic Greens you get a ton of other body boosting benefits like vital micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.) from REAL whole foods to fully optimize your body.

So there’s no need to fear these tiny microorganisms.

Instead consider them “old friends” that can actually give us a ton of health benefits.

Just don’t be afraid to play in the dirt once in a while… but stay away from eating those mud pies! Haha

Hope you have a great weekend.

Your coach,


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