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Metabolic Conditioning Secrets (most get wrong)

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Today I'm going to give you the low-down on Metabolic Conditioning (MC) & what you need to know about it.

The crazy thing is MC is HIGHLY effective, but there are times when you shouldn’t be doing it.

If you’re trying to lose the last 10-15 pounds then going hard on the MC will help you shred off those last stubborn pounds of fat.

But this won’t do all the work to get rid of it.

Your diet is going to play an even BIGGER role in getting rid of those last few pounds than MC will.

There’s a “double-edged sword” with these kind of workouts too.

Often I’ll train my clients with MC during the week but by the time the weekend comes they go crazy on the fattening foods.

This is how the brain justifies it…

“I worked my butt off this week so I’m going to splurge this weekend.”

This is the WRONG mindset.

Going crazy on the fattening foods over the weekend can undo a lot (if not all) of the progress you’ve made during the week.

I’m not saying you can’t ever have pizza on a Saturday night, but to lose those last handful of pounds you’re going to have to keep things under control.

If you undo all your the hard work you’ve made over the week then you’ll just end up “maintaining” with your progress.

AKA you won’t ever drop those last stubborn pounds.

The times when you shouldn’t be doing MC is when your body is telling you to take a break.

Back in the day when I was using MC in my training all the time my body got fried.

I couldn’t sleep at night, I was cranky and my body felt like it was run over by a train.

Listening to your body’s biofeedback is key to continually getting results.

If you do any one kind of workout too much your body will plateau and your results will stall.

The key is to constantly vary your workouts so you keep getting the results you want.

If you have a smart trainer he or she will know to program your workouts + nutrition plan to do this.

Then it’ll be a matter of time before you finally get rid of those last stubborn pounds of fat that have been impossible to drop.

So the key takeaways for today’s email:

  • MC is highly effective for fat loss
  • But your diet is even more important
  • Don’t crazy binge on the weekends
  • MC shouldn’t be done ALL the time
  • Listen to your body for feedback
  • Vary your workouts + diet w/progressions

These are the main points when it comes to MC that 97% of people get totally wrong.

They end up running in circles with their workouts/diet & wonder why they never get the results they’re after.

But now you know the insider tips so you can avoid the common pitfalls most fall into.

Go get em.

Your coach,


P.S. For a complete MC 16-week training and nutrition plan take a look at my Flat Belly Formula system. It has everything you need to continually get real results by using the same system I use with my clients. I guarantee it’s success.

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