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Power outages :)

Email sent: Oct 11, 2019 12:22 pm

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Trainer Josh Fitness

Some times you have to stop & smell the roses.

I live in California & over the past couple of days I haven’t had any electricity.

In a precautionary measure Pacific Gas & Electric cut power throughout the state to avoid devastating wildfires.

It’s kinda crazy to see how people have reacted.

The night they were cutting power I was driving around & saw every gas station backed up with at least an hour wait.

People were driving recklessly, cutting others off & giving each other the bird.

I decided to pop into a grocery store and people were bumping into me left & right in a panicked state acting like the world was ending.

Needless to say a lot of people didn’t handle it too well. Haha

All over planned power outages for a couple days!

I noticed a lot of people essentially threw their workouts & diets out the window too.

They basically treated it like a little staycation to eat & drink the days away. Haha

But in my humble opinion now is the time when you NEED to stay on track.

Sticking with your routine by working out & eating right will give you more normalcy than trying to blunt the panic with junk food & booze.

And this got me thinking…

The next problem is always around the corner.

It’s easy to “blunt the pain” of problems with skipping workouts, eating junk food & boozing it up.

Then next thing you know ALL your momentum is down the tubes.

When instead we should be constructive with handling our problems & bad situations.

But a lot of it also carries over to how we handle problems the rest of the time too.

It’s interesting to see who panics over these kind of things & how well they handle it.

I love the quote…

"The way you do anything is the way you do everything."

How you respond to one problem is how you'll respond to the rest.

And one thing I learned about life is problems never go away! Haha

Let’s use these opportunities to keep bettering ourselves rather than living in the gutter.

These were my thoughts & observations about this whole power outage over the past couple days.

Have a great weekend!

Your coach,


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