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Want to know the trick to sleeping better so you can slim down, feel re-energized & drop the brain fog?

If you take a look around you’ll see just how many of us are walking around like zombies.

Running on no sleep and trying to get things done.

It’s like trying to drive down the freeway when you’re running on fumes!

Getting a good night sleep consistently is easier said than done.

Yeah we know all the basic stuff like...

  • go to sleep earlier
  • don’t stare at your phone
  • turn off the TV
  • don’t snack too late

But even with all that we still need a little help.

The BIG problem with not getting enough sleep is that it can seriously make you pack on the pounds.

Studies have found a BIG link with not getting enough sleep and weight gain.

This study1 alone found women who didn’t get enough quality sleep ended up gaining 33 pounds over 16 years.

Here’s what happens to your body when you don’t get enough sleep:

  • decreased insulin sensitivity (more blood sugar swings)
  • worst decision making (eat more junk food)
  • less willpower (won’t workout)
  • increased ghrelin hormone (increased appetite)
  • increased stress (more fat-storing cortisol released)

Long story short- if you’re not getting enough sleep your life + body will be a total mess.

Now I’ve had trouble sleeping in the past.

I get so wired up sometimes and stressed out that going to sleep can seem near impossible.

The mind starts racing and next thing you know you’re thinking about every little thing in your life.

Lately I’ve been using SabaiDee CBD oil to help calm me down at night so I can get an amazing night of sleep.

I noticed I’m way calmer and feel refreshed the next morning.

Studies have found2,3,4,5 CBD oil to be effective for improving deep REM sleep.

Your deep REM sleep is where your mind and body really rejuvenate.

CBD oil is made from hemp (not the Mary Jane) & it’s 100% safe. It won’t make you “high” as there are zero psychoactive properties in it.

You’ll relax faster so you can sleep better.

Then your body will naturally want to slim down once you start getting enough quality sleep.

==> You can get some SabaiDee CBD oil here

Who wouldn’t want to sleep better, slim down & feeling amazing?

It’s a no brainer!

Have a good weekend/

Your coach,

Trainer Josh

P.S. If you want to read my whole review on SabaiDee CBD oil then go here

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