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Spring Break Bellies

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Trainer Josh Fitness

Hey hey!

It's that time of year again when the season is finally changing to warmer weather.

And it also means many of us are going on vacation for Spring Break.

Now I'm planning on having a Staycation for my Spring Break this year. Haha

Yet I thought I'd share with you my 3 top tips for keeping the bellie poundz off while you're circling the globe.

Nobody wants to stick to their die-t 100% while they're traveling.

But that doesn't mean we have to eat like a Hangry Hangry Hippo either.

Yet you can still enjoy non-diet friendly meals without the shame or guilt.

And you know what?

You might even end up gaining a few pounds while you're traveling.

Never fear!

You can quickly get back down to your normal weight not much longer after getting back.

Most of what you'll gain while traveling is from water weight.

It'll quickly flush out of your body soon after you get back home (when you do the right stuff)

What’s the secret?

While traveling stick with a simple form of Intermittent Fasting to minimize the damage.

Skip breakfast first of all.

If you're doing it right then you probably had a hearty dinner the night before. So your stores should be FULL. Haha

Drink black coffee, Athletic Greens, water or unsweetened green tea instead.

**You can get a bonus 20-count travel pack of Athletic Greens by clicking on this special link (while supplies last)

When traveling you're likely to be out-and-about in the mornings so you'll be less tempted to eat.

But by the time lunch rolls around you can go BIG again.

You can have a splurge food for lunch & dinner without the guilt.

You can also enjoy a couple drinks at night without feeling guilty about cheating on your die-t.

When you’re using a proven nutrition plan (like the one in The Flat Belly Formula) then you can easily afford to relax while you’re on vacation.

You shouldn’t have to totally deprive yourself while you’re traveling.

Life is to be enjoyed too.

I can’t imagine it’s much fun going on vacation & being forced to eat salads the whole time. Haha

Make sure to get your butt in the gym at least half the time.

Jump immediately on the treadmill & do some full on into some sprints for 20 minutes.

Sprints are the best thing you can do while you’re traveling to minimize the damage.

You’ll sweat out a lot of the water weight you’ll gain while on vacation too.

Keep the workout under 20 minutes so you can go out & enjoy the day.

Bring some healthy snack with you too:

This way you're not going to get crazy hangry while sitting at the airport.

When you travel snack-less you’ll end up running into the nearest shop at the airport to buy every processed carb-heavy snack in there. Haha

Having some healthy & easy-to-carry snacks on you is a great way to ensure you don’t eat junk the entire time.

This way you can still afford to eat your big meals the way you want while you’re on vacation.

It’s simple & it’s easy to do.

Those are my 3 travel tips to make sure you keep the extra pounds off you while you’re on vacation.

And still be able to enjoy yourself too. ;)

Hope you have a great Spring Break!

And if you don't have one don't worry... neither do I! Haha

Your coach,


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