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Trainer Josh Fitness

So it’s finally Wednesday aka “my humps” day!

Now that we’ve finally hit the mid-week mark it’s also around this time when the lack of sleep starts catching up to us.

During the workweek it’s wayyy too easy to miss crucial hours of sleep.

Then once Wednesday or Thursday rolls around we’re drinking 10 cups of a coffee just to keep functioning! Haha

Your sleep is more important than you think…

A new study by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology found lack of sleep negatively impacted the participants fat metabolism.

no sleep is bad

So the less sleep they got the less fat their body burned.

Also the low-sleep participants felt less full after eating a meal. (which can easily lead to MORE eating = MORE Fat)

Usually by the weekend we do our best to catch up on our sleep.

And I’d highly recommend to keep doing that because it does help.

But the study also found that the metabolism was still negatively affected even though the participants caught up on their sleep.

Even if you’re dieting & working out you’ll still be pushing a boulder up a hill if your sleep isn’t enough.

So what’s the best thing you can do to keep your fat burning metabolism revving on all engines?

Improve your quality of sleep.

I know we’re not all able to get the required 7-8 hours of sleep during the week.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve the quality of your sleep.

You know how rested you feel after a deep full-night of sleep?

Think of that versus how you you feel after a bad nights sleep of tossing & turning.

In the end the total hours aren’t going to be as crucial as the quality.

So what can you do to improve the quality?

  • no alcohol at night (hinders your body’s ability to go into a deep sleep)

  • keep your bedroom cooler (60-67 degree F is ideal)

  • completely black-out your bedroom (no flashing lights)

  • put your phone in the bathroom or across the room from you

  • take a high quality CBD oil (studies have found it helps to reduce stress PLUS fall asleep faster + deeper)

CBD oil is an extract from hemp (not the Mary Jane) so it doesn't make you high at all. Just helps you relax & fall asleep. Plus it's great for reducing pain which can also hurt your sleep.

Those are the 5 tips I use every night during the week to improve my quality of sleep.

If you’re not able to get the full recommended hours of sleep during the week then you can always improve the quality of your sleep.

Your energy levels, mood & fat burning metabolism will thank you tomorrow! Haha

Keep crushing it this week.

Your coach,


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