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Tired? This kills your sleep

Email sent: Oct 10, 2019 10:15 am

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Trainer Josh Fitness

It’s officially ‘Thirsty Thursday’ as I like to call it.

And that means we’re officially more than halfway through the week.

Woo hooooooo!

But are you still feeling as fresh as you were earlier this week?

Most of us aren’t getting enough quality deep sleep as we should be getting.

When your sleep sucks your body is going to:

  • release more cortisol (belly-fat storing stress hormone)
  • decrease your willpower (eat more, workout less)
  • mood will go down the dumps

There’s a hidden toxic Obesogen that’s not only causing you to gain weight but it’s also destroying your sleep.

A new study by The Endocrine Society found exposure of BPA in mice during pregnancy lead to serious changes in their circadian rhythms.

And the exposure was at levels lower than what’s regulated ‘safe’ for human exposure.


Think of your circadian rhythm as your 24-hour life cycle or your “internal clock.”

Your body naturally gets tired when it’s dark outside & as the temperature drops.

Then your body should release sleep-inducing hormones like melatonin to help you fall asleep.

But it rarely ever seems to! Haha

And when you wake up with the sunlight hitting your face your body should do the opposite.

The researchers in this study found those who were exposed to BPA were significantly more hyperactive at night when they should have been sleepy.

This even went to those who were exposed to the BPA while in gestation.


BPA is an Obesogen meaning it’ll disrupt your hormones causing you to gain unexpected stubborn weight.

Even though some plastics today are marked “BPA free” doesn’t mean they’re good for you.

Oftentimes they just swap out BPA for a similar artificial chemical like BPS.

Which ends up doing the same bad things to your body!

Some of the hidden products containing BPA are:

  • receipts
  • food packaging
  • water bottles (baby bottles too)
  • canned foods
  • aluminum cans
  • beauty products

It’s kinda crazy to think how many products we touch on a daily basis are loaded with BPA.

Now it’s probably impossible to get rid of all the BPA from our lives, but the best we can do is minimize it.

I take Athletic Greens every day as it works to support your nervous + immune systems.

Studies have linked BPA toxicity to adverse effects on your nervous system.

Your nervous system is the most complicated system in your body & it’s responsible for all your movements.

It uses information from your skin, ears, eyes, nose & mouth to help you react, remember, think & plan.

Athletic Greens works to fight these nasty toxic Obesogens that need to be eradicated from your body before they cause more & more damage.

Then every single night of the week I’ll take a full dropper of SabaiDee CBD oil to help my body de-stress & relax into a deep sleep.

Many studies have found CBD to be effective for reducing stress, anxiety & get your body into a deeper sleep fast.

It’s critical to eliminate & minimize at all costs your exposure (and your family) to BPA.

It’ll not only cause you to pack on the pounds but it’ll also destroy your sleep + energy levels.

I’m going to go take a nap now! Haha

Your coach,


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