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Vacation bounce back

Email sent: Jul 27, 2021 2:10pm
Trainer Josh Fitness

So I just came back from a long weekend vacation and let’s just say I’m no longer in the best of shape. haha

A lot of us are getting in our summer vacations now that things are opened up again…

But that doesn’t mean we have to pack on the lbs!

There are some simple proven methods you can use to quickly bounce back from those vacations lbs.

Right now I’m feeling bloated and 5-10lbs heavier than when I left…

So today I’m going to share with you my “vacation bounce back” strategy to quickly shed the bloat & extra lbs.

I’m back with Intermittent Fasting for starters…

My last meal of the day was at 8PM last night and I’m not planning on breaking my fast until at least 12noon today.

And I’ll also be adding Keto Elevate C8-MCTs to my morning coffee to accelerate the results…

When your not providing your body with calories during your fast your body is FORCED to burn fat stores…

But this can take a while for your body to “switch over” to using your fat stores for fuel…

That’s why taking Keto Elevate can “flip the switch” faster by triggering for your body to starting the fat burning process.

These C8-MCTs are efficiently converted by your liver into ketones…

Ketones are what your body makes when your on the keto for fuel…

But this can take weeks to happen!

That’s why adding these high-quality C8-MCTs by Keto Elevate into your morning cup of coffee will jump start your results.

>>You can get up to 51% off the retail price of Keto Elevate by using this special sale link…

I’ll also be keeping my carbs under 50g for the day…

Most of us eat a lot of carbs on vacation so your body should already be well stocked up…

Carbs hold water in your body so limiting your carb intake post-vacation will flush out the water-abs.

Later I’m going to hit the gym up for an Afterburn workout.

This is my own style of training that combines HIIT + Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) into the most effective time-saving fat-burning workouts scientifically possible.

You can find a complete workout plan using this system in The Flat Belly Formula.

And that’s it!

Fast til lunch… take Keto Elevate… keep your carbs low… and get in a fat-torching workout.

This process forces your body to quickly eliminate the bloat & vacation-lbs. FAST.

Let’s keep the momentum going!

Summer isn’t over yet ;)

Your coach,

Trainer Josh

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