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What intermittent fasting does to your body

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Trainer Josh Fitness

Happy Friday!

Well we successfully made it through another week & hopefully all the summer fun isn’t going to the ol’ waistline. Haha

During the summer for many is the easiest time of the year to use Intermittent Fasting.

Something about the warmer weather & sunny days that just makes Intermittent Fasting a whole lot easier.

At least compared to the dark, cold gloomy days of winter. Haha

If you’re not already using Intermittent Fasting to keep the pounds off this summer then you’re missing out.

There are more & more studies coming out proving the incredible benefits of Intermittent Fasting.

Here are some of the science-backed benefits you’ll receive:

  • weight loss
  • stabilized blood sugar
  • reduced inflammation
  • improvements in memory & stress resistance
  • slowed aging
  • longer lifespan

One of the big benefits of Intermittent Fasting nobody really talks about is how it improves your insulin hormone.

See whenever you eat something your body releases insulin to aid cells into converting sugars from the food you ate into energy.

And when you don’t end up using that energy right away your body (with the help of insulin) stores that energy as FAT.

When you use Intermittent Fasting your body isn’t releasing insulin since you’re not eating anything.

Then your body is forced to breakdown those stored fat cells and use them for energy.

The BIG reason people can gain so much weight is they store all this energy from fat but NEVER burn it off.

Then they eat more (without burning that off) and it just keeps packing onto the stored fat.

Ideally you’ll go 16-18 hours per day for fasting. This is what I’ve found to work best long term.

If you’re totally new you might want to start off around 12 or 13 hours & build up to it. Otherwise you might get too hungry & give up on the whole thing.

The trick with getting through your fast is to fill your body with anti-hunger drinks.

My favorites are:

  • Athletic Greens (all-in-one superfood cocktail)
  • black coffee
  • unsweetened green tea
  • water
  • zero cal sparkling waters

Athletic Greens is smart to take while you fast as it provides your body with crucial micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.) from REAL whole foods. You can get 20% off using this link here.

This will help to keep your metabolism & energy levels going strong while also helping to fill your stomach while you fast.

Plus it contains gut-boosting probiotics, probiotics & digestive enzymes that have been found to enhance weight loss.

Black coffee & unsweetened green tea are also great as they’re going to cause your body to burn MORE fat when you fast.

But most people make the mistake of ending their fasts & eating whatever they want.

No no no!

This will cause a serious derailment of your results.

Instead stick to the diet & workout plan in The Flat Belly Formula.

It’s a simple-to-follow blueprint you can use to greatly accelerate your results combined with Intermittent Fasting.

Since it’s my birthday on Sunday I’m offering to you a special 30% OFF discount code.

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But it ends on Monday so make sure you don’t miss out…


Hope you have a fantastic weekend & keep those summer pounds away! Haha

Stay fasted my friend,


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