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Why You Can't Stop Eating

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I know what it’s like.

You finally sit down to eat a pizza on your cheat day that you’ve been thinking about all week.

At first you tell yourself you’re only going to have a couple slices…

Butt the next thing you know the whole pizza is gone! Haha

I’ve been there one too many times myself & now it looks like science has an answer to this “phenomenon.”

A study this year by University of North Carolina Health Care found the reason we can’t stop ourselves from overeating goes back to the dawn of mankind.

Back in our caveman ancestor days finding a large calorie-rich meal was rare to say the least.

Usually they’d just wander around picking up some nuts or berries along their way.

But once a big meal came along it wasn’t smart for our bodies to say “Nope I’m full I’ll save it for later.”

Well back then your meal could easily be stolen & then you’ll be out of luck (well that still happens today!) Haha.

So whenever the small chance your ancestors had access to a large calorie-rich meal all bets were off.

Your brain adapted a specific network of cellular communication telling us to “KEEP EATING!”

Nowadays this is causing a lot more harm than good when I can’t stop myself from devouring a large pepperoni pizza.

It’s not a pretty sight. Haha

If you want to know some of my top tips then go here: 10 Best Ways to Stop Food Cravings.

Now the best way to stop yourself from overeating is a whole different ball game.

I’ll usually have a pre-defined amount of food I’m going to eat & once I’m done I’ll force myself to wait 15 minutes before going back for seconds.

This is about the time it takes for your stomach to tell your brain it’s full.

I’ll make a deal with myself if I wait 15 minutes & I’m still hungry then I’m allowed to go back for more.

But 9/10 after the 15 minutes is up I’m no longer hungry.

Crazy how it works!

So the next time you’re feeling the uncontrollable urge to devour every piece of food in sight just remember this one trick.

If you’re a follower of The Flat Belly Formula then you’ll already know the secret to eating the right foods (at the right times) to maximize your fat-burning metabolism.

Then on specific times you’re allowed to have cheat meals that allow you to indulge on your favorite foods while still cranking up how much fat your body burns.

But if you’re not following this system then you could easily end up seriously derailing your progress by having cheat meals at the wrong times.

So the next time you have a whole pizza pie in front of you just ask yourself…

“What wouldn’t my caveman ancestors do??” Haha

Keep crushing it this week.

Your coach,


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