The Get Your Girl Back System
The Get Your Girl Back System

Part Three of the Get Your Girl Back Mini-Course

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Welcome back to the third part of the "Get Your Girl Back"
mini-course.  Here is the last major breakup mistake we will be

Mistake #5:  Not having a strategy to deal with the mental pain
The biggest reason why most guys fail to get their girls back is
that they are unable to deal with the mental stress that the
breakup imposes upon them.  We previously mentioned how destructive
it can be to give your girl a strong emotional reaction at this
time.  In addition to what we've already discussed, there are other
problems that can arise as well.

If you are feeling completely calm and level-headed right now, you
could easily do what it takes to get your lover back.  Truthfully,
the most powerful thing you can have going for yourself is the
ability to not really care one way or another.  Showing a lack of
neediness is highly attractive and it brings a level of patience
and insight that will skyrocket your chances of getting your girl

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Let's contrast this with viewing your situation as a matter of life
or death.  In this case, when you are out of your mind with anxiety
and grief, you will be functioning on a much lower level than if
you had all your mental resources available.  This kind of brain
fog leads guys to say and do the kinds of crazy things they would
never consider if they were in a normal state of mind. 

So it is of the utmost importance that you take back control of
your emotions and put yourself in a mindset where you will make the
right moves at the right times.  This is much easier said then
done, however. 

A breakup can easily deliver a level of grief that is similar to
how you may feel when a loved one passes away.  Unfortunately,
society isn't very understanding and won't give you time off to
grieve the loss of your relationship.  You are expected to quickly
"get over it" and get right back to cranking out widgets, or
writing that twenty page paper. 

The bottom line is that you are probably not in a healthy state of
mind right now, and this makes everything much more difficult for
you.  They say that time heals all, but there's no time to waste,
Since time is short, you need to get yourself
under control as quickly as possible so that you can effectively do
what it takes to get your girl back.  And to do this, you need a way
to shut off the mental pain without negative side-effects. 

Many guys in this situation end up drowning their sorrows in
alcohol or visiting their doctor for a heavy prescription of
anti-depressants.  But the guys who go this route discover that
these quick fixes rarely help and instead, make things much, much

So is there an alternative to putting poison in your body?  Yes,
there is.  You can use simple psychological techniques to easily
shut off the pain you're feeling and quickly replace it with
feelings of comfort and confidence.  Tools you can use yourself, ON
yourself, to stay mentally focused no matter how horrible you are
feeling right now. 

People will tell you that all you have to do is stop thinking about
the past and you'll start to feel better.  But you already know
that when going through a breakup, everything around you can remind
you of your girl and bring back those heart-wrenching memories.


But the good news is that the "Get Your Girl Back System" teaches
simple exercises that retrain your brain in a way where thinking
about your girl will no longer bring up those painful feelings.
It's so simple, and it works like magic.

Any system that you use to get your girl back MUST include
techniques like this, period.  If not, then you risk blowing your
entire strategy when your emotions get the best of you. 

Never overlook the importance of mental conditioning,
The most successful people in the world use some
form of it and for good reason.  Please take a page from their book
and don't overlook this crucial piece of the puzzle. 

Now that we are finished with the top five breakup mistakes, I want
to share with you the most important piece of advice you will ever
hear regarding your ex-girlfriend. 


When you're going through a breakup, you'll find plenty advice
everywhere you turn, from your friends and family, to books and
magazines.  But what makes things difficult is that everyone will
seem to have a DIFFERENT opinion.  Even some of the top
"relationship experts" with disagree with each other.  When you
need expert advice fast, nothing could be more frustrating!

Because there are literally tons of ways to go about getting
someone back, you will be left with the difficult task of picking
the method you feel will deliver the best results. 

But before you follow ANYONE'S advice, I urge you to keep in mind
the one thing that most guys forget about when they are going
through the pain of a breakup.  And that is... 


That's right, If you really think about it, you
will realize that you don't JUST want your girlfriend back.  What
you REALLY want is to have everything back the way it used to be,
when she was head over heels in love with you.

You see, of all the various ways you can get someone back, you need
to pick a strategy that will get you your girl back the CORRECT
way, so things can go back to they way they were before.  

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If you'd like to pick up the full 186 page "Get Your Girl Back"
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We touched upon this earlier in the report, but just to refresh
your memory, here are some examples of WRONG ways to get your
girlfriend back:

    - Making her feel guilty so she begins to pity you

    - Arguing with her

    - Trying to use other women to make her jealous

    - Accusing her of being a terrible person for leaving you

    - Using children or finances as leverage

    - Threatening her with an ultimatum

    - Begging for a second chance

Now what does it mean to get your girl back the RIGHT way?  Very
simply, you want her to feel the same way about you as she did when
the relationship was at its peak.  This way, you can have a
relationship that is fulfilling all over again, as opposed to being
with a girl who now seems like an entirely different person and
treats you with hostility and disrespect.

Once again, the correct way to get a girl back is to make her start
doubting her breakup decision and realize that you are the kind of
man who can give her everything she needs.  At this point, her
attraction for you will begin to spike and she will typically start
chasing you until she has you back. 

This is kind of strategy that has the best chance of leading to a
happy and successful future with the woman you love,
And even though this consideration may not seem
like a big deal in your current state of mind, it's important to
focus on the consequences of a particular strategy before you
implement it.  I speak from experience when I say that a lack of
caution here can be disastrous.

If you overlook this important point, you may end up following a
strategy that will make your girl lose her respect, her love and
her attraction for you.  And if this happens, even though you
may get your girl back temporarily, your relationship will NEVER be
the same.

Please keep this in mind as you attempt to salvage your situation
because the strategy you choose can end up destroying it
permanently and cause your girl to act like a completely different
person around you, FOREVER.  And if you've never experienced this
personally, then you may not know that it can sometimes be worse
than not getting her back at all.

This concludes the third part of this course.  In the next and
final part, we will be covering the top ten things you must look
for before taking anyone's advice (or purchasing anyone's product)
on how to get a lover back.  Failure to research your options can
leave you with a dead-end strategy that will fail you when the
chips are stacked high.

I'll talk to you tomorrow,

-Jay Cataldo
The Creator of the ORIGINAL "Get Your Girl Back System"

PS If you can't wait anymore and need to get your girl back
right now.

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