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The Get Your Girl Back System

Part Two of the Get Your Girl Back Mini-Course

Email sent: Nov 21, 2018 9:16pm

Welcome back to part two of the "Get Your Girl Back" mini-course.
Let's jump right back in where we left off.  Here is the next major
breakup mistake that you need to watch out for:

Mistake #2:  Giving your girl an emotional reaction

A lot of guys find themselves feeling a tremendous amount of stress
during a breakup and sometimes it can be difficult to hold it in.
As a result, they end up displaying some extreme levels of emotion
such as anger, fear, or sadness during their attempts to get their
girls back.

Even guys that hardly ever show emotion during their relationships
may start thinking that this is the perfect time to make up for it.
It sounds reasonable, doesn't it?  By expressing how you really
feel, your girl will have no doubt that you love her
unconditionally and will take you back in a heartbeat once she
understands this to be true.

I hate to break it to you, but this strategy only
works in the movies.  A breakup is the absolute WORST time to show
strong emotion and here are three reasons why:

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Reason #1:

First of all, a lack of self-control is not attractive.  Letting
your girl see how easily she can get under your skin and cause you
to lose your cool, will give her a tremendous amount of power over
you.  While this makes her feel good on some level, it doesn't lead
her to change her mind about the breakup.  In fact, it actually
strengthens her decision by causing your perceived value to drop
way down and making you appear less attractive.  

How do you feel about a girl is so desperate for your affection
that she will stay wrapped around your finger no matter how badly
you treat her?  This kind of unconditional attention may make you
feel good about your self and your "skills," but let's face it... you
will not think very highly of someone who displays a lack of
standards and self-esteem.  

And in much the same way, when a female has the ability to elicit a
strong emotional reaction from you at will, you will be reduced to
the status of "puppet" in her mind. Remember that strong, confident
men have the ability to keep their emotions under control and this
trait is perceived as being highly attractive to women.

Unfortunately, men who lack emotional control are rather prevalent
in today's society, and these "sissies" (for lack of a better word)
are usually guilty of displaying weak, whiny behaviors that turn
women off completely.  

Keep in mind that since your breakup most likely happened in the
first place because your girl started to lose respect for you,
acting like a frustrated child will only cause you to lose even
MORE respect.  Once it's all gone, you'll be left spending
countless lonely and frustrated nights all alone.

Remember... attractive men do not react emotionally to women.  They
make women react emotionally to THEM.

Reason #2:

A second reason why you should keep your emotions under control is
so that you can avoid doing something you will seriously regret
later on.

One example of this is lashing out at your girl in anger and
frustration.  This can take the form of belittling her, attacking
her character, trying to make her jealous, keeping her children
away from her or any other attempt to "get back at her" for the
pain she has caused you.  

I'm not sure why guys decide to go this route.  Maybe they assume
that by making their girls feel terrible enough, they'll be forced
to reconsider.  

The bottom line is this... while this type of petty revenge can make
you feel good as you "even the score," you'll be kicking yourself
later when you realize that you drove your girl into the arms of
another man.

Reason #3:

A third thing that many guys do when they lose control is they use
their emotional display (either consciously or subconsciously) as a

Let me explain.  After a breakup, most guys will try anything they
can to get their girls to take them back, and sometimes even resort
to begging and pleading i.e. they will express just how deep their
love is and then say things like "if you really love me, you'll
give me a second chance."  

Lines like this attempt to lay a heavy guilt trip on a girl and
make her feel sorry for you.  This is a terrible move because even
in the few cases where she may take you back because you made her
feel like a horrible person, she will always resent you for it
later and her attraction towards you will be quickly destroyed.
After this happens, it's only a matter of time before she starts
cheating on you left and right.

The other common tactic many guys use is to start making promises
such as "I'll stop going out to the bar with my friends," or "If
you take me back, I'll put a ring on your finger, I swear."  

This strategy is a weak attempt to try to get her back in the game.
And usually, a girl will see right through this as a cheesy
attempt to manipulate her, and it will have little effect.  But
there is a bigger problem here.  

If you study the science of Behaviorism, you will learn that
rewarding an animal's behavior leads to more of that same behavior.
Can you see where I'm going with this?  

In the rare case that these tactics convince her to take you back,
you will be stuck in a very bad spot.  By rewarding her bad
behavior of breaking up with you, she will now know that anytime
she wants something, all she has to do is start acting up and
giving you grief.  Then you'll be left jumping around like a
dancing monkey as you try to appease her.  

Once your girl realizes she holds this kind of power over you, she
will make the rest of your life absolutely miserable, I promise.
And don't forget, her level of respect will disappear as a result
and she will inevitably start cheating on you.   

So no matter what, you must never let your
emotions get out of control.  Make sure you do whatever it takes to
stay calm throughout the breakup process.

Now just so you know for the future, the best thing to do when a
girl breaks up with you is to act completely unfazed by it.  This
will throw her for a loop and allow you to easily leverage this
situation into having her change her mind and start chasing you.
Although it may be too late for you to use this strategy, at least
now you will know what to do if a girl ever has the bad taste to
break up with you again.

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Mistake #3:  Assuming the reasons she gives you for the breakup are
the REAL reasons and attempting to address them

A woman will very rarely be honest with you during a breakup.  She
may give all sorts of excuses such as "I just need some time to
myself," or "I'm really confused about the direction of my life,"
while assuring you that she still loves you and will call you when
she's "ready."  

Since most girls do not enjoy acting mean or hurtful, many will try
to "soften" their message instead of coming right out and saying
that they are no longer attracted to you or that they are
interested in someone else.  

Unfortunately, most guys buy into these excuses and mistakenly
believe they are genuine.  Almost universally, the real reason a
woman leaves a man is because she no longer feels the same way
about him as she used to and is convinced that she will be happier
with someone else.  

When a girl tells you she needs some time alone, realize that it
has nothing to do with her, and EVERYTHING to do with YOU.  So
instead of trying to address the reasons she has given you,
you need to quickly make her doubt her decision
to leave and then work on immediately restoring her attraction
level.  And the fastest way to do this is to set things up so she
starts pursuing YOU, instead of the other way around.

Mistake #4:  Not having a detailed plan

The most successful people in our society know that when you need
to effectively accomplish a difficult task, you must put together a
plan for yourself.  Professional sports teams formulate a strategy
for every single game that they play.  Business executives use
planning and goal setting techniques to maximize profits and work
their way up the corporate ladder.  In this day and age, it's
difficult to be on the top of your game without having a solid game
plan backing you up.

I'm sure that you already plan effectively in many areas of your
life already.  So why should your breakup be any different,
Isn't your relationship important enough to
warrant a detailed strategy for what you want to accomplish?

This is so important because, in the midst of a breakup, your
emotions can easily cloud your judgment and lead you to make poor
decisions.  For instance, we mentioned earlier how most guys will
try almost ANYTHING to get their girlfriends back.  

They will first try one method, and if it's not successful, they
will immediately switch to something else.  I've seen plenty of
guys go back and forth from being super sweet, to yelling and
threatening, then switching gears again and promising to change.
And when everything else fails, they end up breaking down and
begging for a second chance.  

Of course, their girls will think they have gone completely crazy
and will realize that breaking up with them in the first place was
a great decision.  

A clear-cut plan can act like a life raft when your emotions start
to go haywire (believe me, it WILL happen) and help ensure that you
don't end up destroying what's left of your relationship.  The "Get
Your Girl Back System" is a clear-cut plan from start to finish,
with all the guesswork taken out and all the potholes filled in.

This concludes part two.  Tomorrow, we will cover the final
major mistake that guys make, as well as the most important
consideration that guys overlook when trying to salvage their
relationships.  This one little piece of information will be the
MOST IMPORTANT advice you will ever hear on how to get your girl

I'll talk to you tomorrow,

-Jay Cataldo
The Creator of the ORIGINAL "Get Your Girl Back System"

PS If you can't wait anymore and need to get your girl back
right now.

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