The Lifesaver Heart Surgeons Won't Tell You About!
The Lifesaver Heart Surgeons Won't Tell You About!

MIT Releases Plant-Based Testosterone

Email sent: Feb 22, 2020 11:35am

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

A special message from Dr. Michael Cutler  
MIT Releases Plant-Based Testosterone
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Dear -,

Please find below a special message from my friend Dr. Mindell. He has some important information to share with you.

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My name is Dr. Earl Mindell, NY Times best selling author of 'The Vitamin Bible' and if you are a man over thirty, you are going to love every word of this email.

I am going to reveal a way to drastically and quickly increase your free-testosterone levels without dangerous and expensive shots.

As you will soon read, it will become your lifetime secret weapon.

You are hearing about this innovation before the rest of the world.

Let's get right to it...

Testosterone supplementation is the secret of wealthy and powerful men across the country.

From high level athletes to hedge fund managers, test replacement therapy has become the holy grail of male optimization.

Men with optimized levels are bigger, stronger and leaner with enhanced mental acuity. 

Plus, they have much more energy and drive, in and out of the "bedroom".

That's right, this is also a very well documented "intimacy" enhancer. More on that below...

Overall, it is a way for the aging male to walk around looking and feeling much younger.

If you see a man who is "beating his age" chances are he is supplementing with testosterone. 

Go here to learn how to supplement with pure testosterone without a prescription or painful needles.

Think of it like this... 

After you reach thirty you are losing 1% to 3% of your free-test stores annually.

If you smoke, drink or eat bad (most of us) you are losing more like 3%. 

At 35, you feel it.

At 40, you saw or are seeing big changes as you start to lose muscle and drive.

And past 50, you are literally feeling like much less of a man. 

And it only gets worse from there until you pass away.

So, up until now, your only option was to age and suffer or to supplement with doctor prescribed testosterone.

But, that has other huge issues.

Synthetic testosterone is very costly and it comes with a laundry list of side effects.

Even past the side effects, most of us don't have access to thousands of extra dollars a month to start this regimen... so we just age and suffer alone.

We suffer while others get leaner, stronger and more powerful.

Well, today the playing field has leveled and you are getting exclusive access.

For the first time in history, plant-based testosterone is available in the United States, without a prescription.

You won't need doctors visits or painful injections.

It can be taken quickly and sublingually, allowing bloodstream absorption within 15 minutes. 

This innovation was developed by the "male performance" dream team housed at MIT.

They have added this to their laundry list of male health breakthroughs, including several nutrient patents.

This plant extracted compound is being dubbed "Phyto Test" and contains 80 nano-grams of free-testosterone per dose.

This is enough to normalize any male, at any age within two weeks.

Best of all, daily supplementation will keep them optimized for life. 

From the moment it hits your bloodstream your male body will work to add more muscle, lose body fat and enhance your daily energy.

Not to mention, your intimacy desire will blow through the roof, along with your function.

You will feel like a far enhanced, younger and stronger version of yourself. 

But remember, this solution is legal, but it is still banned in "tested" sports.

This is because you will be administering pure testosterone, although it is naturally occurring.

Here are the last two things you need to know...

  1. This solution is less than your daily cup of coffee.

  2. After ten years of testing, it has not yielded a single side effect.

So, do this... if you are over thirty and feel like you are running low on energy and drive, you need to read the next page.

Also, if you are losing muscle and gaining fat without any life changes, the next page will explain your options.

Finally, if the "bedroom" is not what it used to be, I would drop everything and read right now.

The situation is only getting worse, every day your levels are declining and the effects are worsening. 

Here is a page dedicated to showing you how Phyto Test can normalize your male levels in less than two weeks.

I hope you enjoy all of the information.

Dr. Earl Mindell

P.S. One final thing, I know "T" has weird stigma, no one is talking about it.

But I can tell you this, the most successful men in the country are using it daily. 

And they have been using it for years, which is why they look far younger and stronger than their age.

This was their secret and now that secret is out.

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