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Can you induce a Lucid Dream via smell? 👃

Email sent: Jun 29, 2020 10:44am

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.


Did you know there have been at least 300 scientific studies carried out on lucid dreaming?

And those are just the ones published on Pubmed!

I know from experience that there are a virtual army of academics around the world constantly investigating, probing and questioning this perplexing state of consciousness.

From simple university questionnaires of 20 people to ultra high-tech sleep labs involving EEG and hundreds of participants... it's all been done.

And continues to be done... more or less every month.

Which is why I thought today I'd share some of the latest cutting edge research to come across my desk so far this year.

Managing Insomnia With Lucid Dream Training

This pilot study from March 2020 looked at how learning to lucid dream can reduce symptoms of clinical insomnia. I'm happy to say they found significant reductions in insomnia severity as a result of lucid dream training!

This is really promising folks - and helps to pave the way for the acceptance of lucid dreaming as a main stream clinical intervention for insomnia, alongside CBT.

Paranormal Experience/Belief Associated With Lucid Dreaming, Nightmares, and Sleep Paralysis

This curious study of 455 UK based lucid dreamers (also from March 2020) does a deep dive into the complex associations between lucid dreaming, visual/auditory hallucinations, sleep paralysis and subjective experience of receptive psi and life after death / paranormal experiences.

It's heavy reading but if you take a look you'll see they did find "paranormal" experience correlated significantly with lucid dreaming, nightmares, and sleep paralysis!

Inducing Lucid Dreams by Olfactory (Smell) cued reactivation of reality testing

This proof of concept is freshly published in the August 2020 edition of the well-respected Consciousness & Cognition journal.

They looked at how smell might be used to magnify the efficiency of reality testing using a MILD technique variation. Very useful data, as lucid dreamers are always trying to fiddle around and figure out interesting new induction techniques! Smell has long been a candidate...

The team attached a special little mask and delivered a specific odor (they don't mention what it smells like... onions?) along a tube from a separate room - and then looked for an eye signal during REM sleep (as well as EEG results).

Sadly the results weren't positive.

They concluded the proposed procedure of odor-cueing seems not a promising technique for inducing lucid dreams!

But huge Kudos to the team for trying this out!

Well, I hope that was all interesting and useful :-)

Keep up your training, make lucid dreaming a part of your life and never forget that you are part of world-wide network of explorers pushing the boundaries of human conscousness!


Chris Hammond

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