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Do NOT open this email if you don't want to hear me talk about animals

Hey there sports fans!

There are two things I would like to talk about today. 1. The Chicago Alligator 2. All the CATS behind-the-scenes footage/PR strategy.

Point 1: If you haven’t heard there was a mysterious Alligator (a species that is not native to Chicago) in a lagoon in Humboldt Park that was christened “Chance the Snapper” by a Block Club poll. Alligator Bob, who is an animal control dude and minor local celebrity, was like, “Hey guys, I’m on it.” The alligator captured the hearts and minds of Chicagoans near and far but Alligator Bob failed to capture the gator. Soon, denizens of the Windy City realized this was something only a person from Florida could handle due both to the creature involved and the absurd nature of the situation. Frank Robb lived up to his name as he stole the glory of alligator capture from the hands of Alligator Bob, safely depositing Chance the Snapper into the arms of the local authorities. Looking forward to all of the Alligator-related cocktails to be released forthwith.

Point 2: CATS IS COMING OUT. And everyone in the cast changed their Instagram name to their character so now Idris Elba’s account says “Macavity.” It’s like a dream! Check out Sir Ian McKellen a.k.a. Gus the Theatre Cat’s video to see Judi Dench taking everything so seriously and a bunch of humans having a conversation on a very very large table. I am not a paid CATS influencer but do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, ya know?

On ze site this week, Iman talked with three older women about vanity. Crystal tackles the age-old question of how to get over a crush. Your summer fling, according to the Zodiac. Ruby recreated Jacquemus. Leandra and Faceapp go head to head (face to face). Mallory is back into Twitter, all thanks to one funny lady. Harling perfected the recipe for earrings + cocktails. She’s also here with your Old Céline fix. Haley got her fertility checked. And Meghan investigated Instagram therapy.


In the immortal words of Donna Summer, “toot toot beep beep”:

Matt’s movie madness rolls on with his selection of the trailer for Hustlers. He also recommends I Love You, Now Die on HBO.

Harling (who seems cool) recommends reading Fleishman Is in Trouble (which I second) and then listening to author Taffy Brodesser-Akner on Longform.

Amalie recs “The Crane Wife” in the Paris Review.

Haley would like to correct the record: THIS is her favorite ice cream ever. It’s called Sea Salt Cream & Cookies and it’s made by McConnell’s and it’s somewhat hard to find in bodegas but not impossible. If you see it, she says, snatch it!!! She also recommends Cuyana’s seamless bike shorts and Euphoria on HBO which is absurd but also really good? (She’s becoming obsessed with Hunter Schafer.)

Eliz wants you to know that there’s a Lizzie Fortunado moving sale on Wednesday the 24th from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 153 Essex Street, Suite #2B.

I am really into Yuna’s new album, Los Espookys on HBO, these Birks I just got, Adam Serwer’s latest in The Atlantic, and lusting after these Karen Walker sunglasses (that I want as regular everyday glasses).

It’s supposed to be 96 degrees on Sunday so here is how we’re handling the heat: Haley is “bringing an ice pack into bed with me like it’s a security blanket.” Harling is putting her pajamas in the freezer before bed. I’m taking a cold rinse before bed (and maybe in the middle of the afternoon) and eating Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches for every meal. Amalie is stocking up on popsicles. And Patty is spending 7.5 hours in professional AC at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child parts 1 and 2. Crystal is putting rose water in the freezer for her and a wet towel in the freezer for Blanche.

Last but not least, some good tweets: one, two, three. Good day.


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