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Natural Treatment for Sinus Problems

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How waterfalls & other natural remedies can heal the pain of sinus problems

If you've ever suffered from sinusitis or other sinus problems, you'll know how painful it can be.  "But how can a waterfall help?" I hear you say?  Read on.    

Sometimes referred to as ‘asthma of the nose’, the mechanisms of the conditions are similar.  In response to a trigger such as an allergy or a head cold, nasal and sinus mucous membranes can become swollen and secrete mucus. This is what causes the pain of sinusitis; since the sinus cavities are tiny, any build-up is bound to increase pressure.

The Symptoms
The main symptom of sinus is a headache (usually painful, often throbbing) behind or above the eyes, worsening when you bend forward. Other symptoms include eyestrain and eye pain; a congested nose; tenderness, swelling and puffiness especially under the eyes; bad breath and a post-nasal drip (mucus dripping down the back of the throat).

The Causes
As mentioned, allergies and infections are the most common causes.  Changeable outdoor temperatures, indoor air pollution and dryness caused by dehumidifying air-conditioning systems can also be a trigger for sinus problems, as can pollution, second-hand smoke, and chemical sensitivities.  Moulds, mould toxins and even reflux are other common culprits.  For a full list, read the full blog here.
Pinpointing the cause of your sinus problem with
Bicom Bioresonance

Using Bicom bioresonance, we are able to pinpoint your triggers and causes.  We can then tailor a targeted therapy plan incorporating bioresonance therapy and naturopathic medicine detailed in the full blog post!
Read the full blog post here
What you can do today!
  • Heal with nature - this is the link to the waterfall.  Mucous membranes thrive and maintain a strong defence against outer attacks when the air you’re breathing is clean, moist, warm, oxygen-rich, and filled with negative ions – these are created in nature by the effects of rushing water, air, and sunlight, such as beside the ocean.  
  • Drink at least three litres of clear fluids daily. Liquid, particularly if warm and clear, stops mucus from becoming too thick, which is when it tends to become infected.
  • Eat foods high in zinc (peas, pumpkin seeds, seafood, sesame seeds, kidney beans, turkey, beef, cashews, mushrooms) to support immune defence and tissue healing.
  • If you are having problems breathing at night, place a vaporiser in your bedroom.
  • Effective herbs for sinusitis include eyebright, echinacea, elderberry, golden seal, myrrh, goldenrod, ribwort and fenugreek. Try MediHerb’s Eyebright Complex tablets and Echinacea Premium tablets.

For the remaining remedies, read the full post here.

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