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Strengthen Your Immunity This November

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Top Immune Boosters!

It's the time of year (in the northern hemisphere!) that our immune system really does need our mindful consideration.  Flu's and colds don't have to wipe us out during the winter months, but sadly for many, that is the reality.  This week I wanted to share with you five of my top ten immune-boosting tips as well as let you know about a special 'immune boosting' offer for the month of November!

Top Five Immune-Boosting Tips

1.  Let Food Be Thy Medicine.  Tale as old as time, but the best way to strengthen our immunity really is through nutrition.   Eat a balanced diet high in fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats such as avocado and oily fish, with moderate amounts of protein. Eat fresh, wholesome, unprocessed foods.

2. Know These Superfoods.  Berries and baobab powder are rich in immune-boosting vitamin C.  All bee products – honey, propolis and royal jelly as well as pollen, have immune-boosting properties. Raw, unprocessed honey (straight from the hive)  has been shown to increase activity of lymphocytes and neutrophils, which are the body’s immune cells. Bee pollen is antibacterial and antiviral, while royal jelly is incredibly nutritive as well as immune-enhancing. 

3.  Sleep it off.  Poor quality or inadequate sleep reduces your body’s levels of T-cells and impacts levels of proteins called cytokines. Research proves that if you sleep for less than eight hours a night, you are more at risk of a weakened immune system. Elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol also compromise sleep quality and duration, plus the less you sleep, the less of the hormone melatonin you produce, which is another way your sleeping habits harm your immunity. Try to keep your bedroom very dark, and free from electronic devices as exposure to light and Wi-Fi from mobile phones within a metre of your head interferes with melatonin production.

4.  Immune Boosting Nutrients are well worth the investment.  
  • Zinc may be the most important mineral for your immune system.  Zinc deficiency may cause a weaker immune response, predisposing you to a more lengthy or severe cold. In fact, optimal zinc levels have been found to inhibit the common cold virus.
  • Pre and probiotics together work to enhance our microbiome and macrobiome – essential for immune health
  • Beta-glucan helps heal wounds and has anti-inflammatory activity.
  • Vitamins A, C & D are incredibly important for healthy immune function, you can read more about them and my favourite lmmune supporting formulas here in this blog post.

5.  Bicom Bioresonance therapy can identify which strain of bacteria, virus, protozoa, parasite or fungi which may be causing stress to the immune system.  As Bicom Bioresonance therapists, we are able to ‘invert’ such pathological frequencies, clear these ‘bugs’ and boost your immune system at the same time!
Read More on My Top 10 Immune Boosting Tips Here
We are offering a SPECIAL IMMUNE-BOOSTING CONSULTATION throughout November. 
Book in with Greg for an hours' Bicom Bioresonance therapy to stimulate your immune system and receive our top immune boost naturopathic check list, our flu blew recipes including ‘Hooch’ and our ‘warming socks’ recipe.  All of this for £60!
For bookings phone the Ilkley Healing Centre on 01943 602 177.

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