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In his recap of the January 6 committee meetings last week, New Republic staff writer Alex Shephard juxtaposed the reality of the proceedings against the expectations from mainstream media.


Rather than churning out an array of “fresh scoops” or pandering to the fiction of bipartisanship by “simply asking Democrats and Republicans what the truth is and then printing their responses,” Shephard notes that the committee is unafraid to rehash the events around January 6, digging deep and bringing out Republican operatives to “come right out and say, in no uncertain terms, that Donald Trump is corrupt and that he was out to steal the presidency.”


Shephard’s article demonstrates that the committee seems to share a core value of the work we do at TNR: taking the time to get facts right.


By providing an antidote to punditry that cherry-picks data in service of special interests, we can reclaim faith in our democracy.


​​So if you believe in the importance of reporting that provides clarity in a hectic world, please consider donating to TNR today.

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