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Inside Indias COVID-19 Surge

Email sent: May 4, 2021 4:32pm

Plus: the allegations against Blake Bailey; Biden’s economic rebalancing; and the mushroom as muse.
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COVID-19 patients lay on beds in a New Delhi hospital Medical Dispatch

Inside India’s COVID-19 Surge

At a hospital in New Delhi, supplies and space are running out, but the patients keep coming.

By Dhruv Khullar
Joe Biden speaking to the press in front of Air Force One
Our Columnists

Biden’s Great Economic Rebalancing

The President is looking to correct a capitalist economy that has gone askew, and reclaim a lost vision of shared prosperity.

By John Cassidy
Blake Bailey poses for a portrait outside of an ivy-covered university building.
Cultural Comment

The Allegations Against Blake Bailey and the Shock of the Familiar

As a teacher, Bailey was a type, a stock character, the sort whose behavior is often trailed by public silence.

By Jessica Winter
All Me II

An Artist on How He Survived the Chain Gang

You have to play a role that isn’t really you. It’s like slavery. You have to meet all those demands and keep a sense of yourself as well.

By Winfred Rembert
Still life photograph of mushrooms. Photo Booth

The Mushroom as Muse

A zine by the photographer Phyllis Ma presents fungi in all their alien glory.

By Helen Rosner

Culture and More

Portrait of country singer George Jones
Podcast Dept.

“Cocaine & Rhinestones” Returns, to Dazzle Again

In its second season, the one-man show argues that the story of George Jones is the story of country music itself.

By Sarah Larson
The Theatre

The Human Rhythms of Hurricane Katrina

An audio production of Erika Dickerson-Despenza’s play “shadow/land” brings the tragedy of storm-battered New Orleans to life.

By Alexandra Schwartz

Humor from The New Yorker

A group of boys covered with glow in the dark goo amongst various scenes of a Bar Mitzvah. Daily Shouts

Sons of Commandment: Tales from the Nineties Bar-Mitzvah Circuit

Every single bar or bat mitzvah had the same d.j. play the party, so you could prepare.

By Seth Rogen
A lenticular jigsaw puzzle. Daily Shouts

Impossible Puzzles for People Under Sixty

Hope you don’t have anything else going on, because these puzzles will take over your life.

By Lily Feinn and Marian Blair
Image may contain: Human, Person, Animal, Bird, Art, and Drawing Blitt’s Kvetchbook

Tucker Carlson Goes to the Dogs

Meet the TV host’s most loyal fan base.

By Barry Blitt
Daily Cartoon

Tuesday, May 4th

By Sarah Akinterinwa

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