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A Message From Our Founder

Challenging Times

        The last two years have seen unprecedented times with the UK’s exit from the EU, a global pandemic and a European war. 

        Not only have these events affected all our lives and destroyed so many, they have also resulted in a retail landscape that is like nothing we have ever seen.

       If you are a regular PW customer, you will no doubt have seen significant price increases in recent months and wondered what’s going on. A very good question that I think you deserve a response direct from me on. If nothing else, to at least help you make more  informed decisions.

            It’s been our mission at Protein Works from day one to “beat the system” by cutting out unnecessary middle men costs at every possible step. This has required us to invest heavily in complete end-to-end state of the art in-house facilities and build exceptional teams in every area of the business.

            By doing this, we have been able to achieve exceptional quality and generate significant synergies. This means we can pass on big savings to you directly, whilst also creating exceptional formulas and achieving new standards in nutrition. Simply put, the very finest nutrient-packed shakes, foods and snacks for you at super aggressive prices.

            This approach has seen us grow massively in the last few years and deliver millions of shakes around the world. You’ll be glad to hear our DNA hasn’t changed, but unfortunately the goalposts in the wider world have.

            To give you some insight, in the last 9 months alone, the price we pay for whey protein has almost TRIPLED! Bear in mind that we negotiate very hard too. But that’s nothing compared to Creatine for example, which has increased by 500% in the same period! Every single ingredient we buy has increased dramatically. Trust me when I say the cost pressures are immense.

            Despite these big hits, we have only passed on a fraction of these increases to you as we know personally how hard life is right now. The reality is though that we need to raise prices from time to time in order to survive as a business, but rest assured we are doing this as little as possible.

            Unlike some brands out there, we refuse to source cheaper, lower quality ingredients as a “fix”. We are committed to our mission point blank and we are committed to our suppliers for the long term. There can be no compromise in the quality and efficacy of Protein Works products. Our promise on the best for less is a non-negotiable.

            The next 12 months are going to be tough for all of us. We will do everything possible to protect our loyal customers and continue to deliver the very best value for money. We hope you stick with us and trust in us. Together we can come out the other side stronger and fitter than ever. © 2022 All Rights Reserved.

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