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By Maria Gracia
November 9, 2019

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  TO DO This Week

TO DO This Week

____ 1. Organize a cluttered area. Most people have at least one area in their home or office that is cluttered. Choose one of these areas and organize it (if that area is too large to do at once, organize a 'section' of it. This might be your entry way, a clothing rod in your closet, a desk drawer, or the surface of your kitchen table. Zone in on this area, remove anything that doesn't belong there, weed out the 'unnecessary/unloved/oudated, etc.' as needed, and then make that area look nice and neat with whatever remains.

____ 2. Catch up on raking and trimming. In my state, we've already had a bit of snow...which makes it challenging to get out there to rake up the remainder of the leaves and do any final fall trimming. On the next nice day this week, when there's no snow on the ground and the sun is shining, get this task done for the season. While you're at it, be sure your snow blower, if you live in a cold-weather state, has a full tank of fuel and is in good working condition.

____ 3. Stock up on postage. Many of us are paying bills online these days, but there are still occasions when we need to mail a bill, letter, forms, or a card. Stock up on postage so you have it when you need it. If you're mailing Christmas cards this year, Christmas postage is available now at most local post offices and online.

  This Week's Recommendation

Learn What Your Cat is Trying To Tell You With...

The Cat Language Bible

In it you'll learn how to finally understand
and speak with your cat

To fast forward to The Cat Language Bible, visit:

Yes, meow means something

What does it mean, you ask?

Good question. It's about the same as aloha in Hawaiian.

The meaning changes.

Context matters hugely. Is it a mean meow, or a friendly one?

What about the cat's body action? Is he facing towards you, or away? Is the tail curled, or lying flat against the floor?

Depending on these points, 'meow' could mean 'let's watch a movie together' or 'boy am I thirsty right now.'

So getting the tone and body language right is critical.

Finally, there's a quick guide on the essentials of cat communication to open your ears (and your heart) into the fascinating world of feline communication, both verbal and nonverbal.

This guide, written by a PhD animal communications expert Dr Jonas Jurgella, is the missing link that allows you to bond with your own feline friend as if he was a human child.

That's the power of true and honest communication, vs the primitive 'animal baby talk' that so many pet owners unfortunately relegate themselves to.

Learn more about 'The Cat Language Bible' here:

P.S. Your cat will be most appreciative...and you'll feel great knowing that you truly understand your cat's needs and wants.

P.P.S. Don't miss out: When you obtain your copy of 'The Cat Language Bible' BEFORE November 15th, you'll also get 4 COMPLIMENTARY BONUSES:

* The Cat Care Guide
* Training Your Cat
* A to Z Feline Nutrition
* Lifetime Updates

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GON Dirty Little Secrets Here's how I keep my house clean, without the need for an overload of cleaning products...

In ADDITION, on my home page, you'll also find lots of NEW and featured STUFF including...

New Web Poll How do you cook your Thanksgiving turkey? Take our web poll and let us know.

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November Organizing Mini-Challenges For each week of November, our mini challenges will be 'Easy as Pie' Challenges, which means accomplishing them will be a cinch. Do the challenge for WEEK TWO this week.

Access all of the above on my home page. Visit:

  In Closing

'We all have a million things vying for our attention. If you tell yourself that you don't have enough time to clear out your junk, you might be delaying the well-being and relief you could experience by tackling it. If not now, when?'
--Lisa J. Shultz

I'd love to hear from you.

Comments, suggestions, or just to say hello. Just REPLY to this email with a short note.

And remember...Being organized creates a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life!


Maria Gracia
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