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"A celebration of body hair" - A razor brand that says it has the first commercial in decades actually showing women shaving. Hair? On mammals? Groundbreaking.


The Story

Mexico has elected its first leftist president in decades.

Make the intro, please...

His name is Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, aka AMLO. He's a former Mexico City mayor who's pitched himself as the anti-establishment candidate. He's run twice before. But this time, he won people over as the guy who promises to crack down on corruption. And help the country tackle its high rates of poverty and violence.


This might end up being the most violent year in Mexico's modern history. 13,000 people have been killed since January. And 130 politicians have been murdered since election season started last year. AMLO ran on a platform to try and stop all this violence. He also plans to 'get tough' when it comes to President Trump.

What's that mean?

He has exactly zero time for Trump's claim that Mexico will fund a border wall. And said Mexico "will never be the piata of any foreign government." Rawr. On a related note, yesterday Trump said that he's still not happy with where things stand with NAFTA (the free-trade deal between Canada, Mexico, and the US). And that he won't sign it until after midterms. This came as Canada hit back at US steel and aluminum tariffs with $12.6 billion in tariffs of its own on things like pizza, ketchup, yogurt, and chocolate. No one's living happily ever NAFTA just yet.


Mexican voters are making a loud statement. They're tired of the violence, corruption, and poverty in their country. And voted for a politician who is committed to change.


What people are taking issue with...

The "zero tolerance" policy. Yesterday, hundreds of thousands of people turned out to protest the Trump administration's immigration tactics. Earlier this year, the Trump admin announced a "zero tolerance" policy. Unlike previous admins, this meant the US started separating families caught crossing the border illegally - even if they wanted to claim asylum - to prosecute the adults. So, thousands of kids were separated while their parents went through the criminal process. Trump hit 'reverse' on that recently, but more than 2,000 kids still have yet to be reunited with their families. Yesterday, protesters turned out across the US demanding families be reunited. ASAP. Meanwhile, a few Democratic senators are upping the ante and calling for ICE - aka the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency - to melt away.

What to say when the meeting starts and there's no agenda...

Don't worry, there's a plan. Yesterday, White House national security adviser John Bolton said 'same' about getting rid of North Korea's nuclear weapons. Reminder: last month, President Trump had a historic meet-up with leader Kim Jong Un in which they kissed, made up, and pinky promised the North would "work toward" getting rid of its nukes. Although they didn't set a clear timeline for when that would happen. Now, Bolton's saying if the North can commit to the process, it could get done in a year. But there are reports that the North is getting tricksy with us. And Trump says it's possible none of this will work out. Cool.

What people are watching...

The protests in Iran. For years, the country's been facing a water crisis - blamed on mismanagement by the gov. Now, it's also facing an economic crisis - partially blamed on recent economic sanctions that came with President Trump pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. Over the weekend, Iranians said 'enough is enough' and took to the streets. The protests turned violent and multiple people were reportedly injured. The gov is reportedly saying 'everything is calm, nothing to see here.'

What to say when you leave one July 4th party for another...

Not summery enough. Yesterday, LeBron James announced he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers - and $154 million. Ballin' out.

PS: Want to know how LeBron became one of the best players of all time? Our in-app audio episode on him has you covered.

What to say when you're stuck in a work meeting...

Time to plan my escape.


The World Cup's round of 16 is on. Here's the latest in who's more athletic than you...

Kylian Mbapp: Mbapp is only 19 and is fast AF. He scored two goals in just four minutes, helping France beat Argentina. Oo la la. But he's more than just a baller, he also reportedly promised to donate his World Cup money to charity. Swoon.

Russia: The host country was the lowest-ranked team - but it's showing everyone who's boss. Yesterday, it sent Spain home after going into penalty kicks. Shoutout to Russia's goalie for holding down the fort. Now, the team is moving on to the quarterfinals.

Chicharito: The pressure is on Mexico's striker (real name: Javier Hernandez) to bring it at today's game v Brazil. Mexico's been the underdog so far but managed to beat 2014 winner Germany. All eyes are on whether Chicharito can handle the heat.


Wimbledon is here. Venus and Serena Williams are the only players you can actually name. Here's your Skimm Notes on why that is. You'll learn how they grew up, how they got to the top of the game, and what to watch for at Wimbledon. Listen in the app here.

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