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"Coard of Trustees" - A university in Colorado made a typo on thousands of diplomas. But don't worry, the education there is top notch.


The Story

A federal court says the EPA has to ban a dangerous pesticide.

What is it?

It's called chlorpyrifos (we're not sure how to pronounce it either). It's been used since the '60s as a way to keep pests away from crops like corn, apples, soybeans, and cotton. EPA scientists have said even a small amount of it can lead to brain development issues in kids.


Yup. The pesticide was banned in some capacity starting in 2000. A few years ago, the Obama admin proposed expanding the ban so it would no longer be used on foods. But last year, then-EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt (#TBT) said 'nah, screw the ban.' He said the agency's research was flawed and the ban could hurt farmers who relied on it for their crops. Farmworkers, environmental groups, and some states sued the EPA in response.

What's the latest?

Yesterday, a federal appeals court ruled that the EPA violated federal law by ignoring scientific proof that the pesticide is harmful. And that the agency didn't prove that it had a legit reason to not ban it. Now the EPA has 60 days to put the pesticide on its 'not good for humans' list. But the admin could appeal to the Supremes.


The Trump admin and the EPA have been in the spotlight for rolling back a number of environmentally-friendly policies. Yesterday's ruling could prevent wider use of a product that could seriously harm children.


What people are watching...

Yemen. Yesterday, a Saudi-led coalition airstrike in northern Yemen killed at least 50 people - including dozens of children - and wounded 77 others. Yemen is in the middle of a civil war that's pitted the Houthi rebels (backed by Iran) against Yemen gov forces (backed by Saudi Arabia and the US). The conflict has killed thousands of people and forced millions to flee. Yesterday, the attack hit a bus in a busy market. The coalition says it was targeting Houthi rebels who had fired a missile over Saudi territory earlier this week. Instead, it killed many children and UNICEF is calling this attack "unconscionable."

What to say when you start your dream job...

Is this really happening? Yesterday, VP Mike Pence said 'ta-da' and unveiled the Pentagon's game plan to make Space Force a thing by 2020. This would become the sixth military branch and the first to be established in more than 70 years. President Trump is super pumped. And his campaign wants supporters to vote for their fave Space Force logo. To infinity and beyond, I guess?

PS: If space is your thing, don't miss this weekend's meteor shower. If you had our app, it would already be on your cal. Along with all kinds of events that should be on your radar. Get it here.

What people are talking about...

Puerto Rico. The gov there finally admitted that the number of people that died in Hurricane Maria is likely much higher than they initially let on. After the destructive hurricane hit the island last year, the gov said the official death toll was 64. Now, in a report to Congress, the gov says it's prob actually closer to 1,400 deaths. That's more than 20 times the official number. And marks one of the deadliest hurricanes to ever hit the US.

What you will keep hearing about...

The opioid epidemic. It's killed tens of thousands of people in the past few years. And was declared a public health emergency. Yesterday, the CDC said the number of US women who gave birth addicted to opioids quadrupled over 15 years. Not doubled. Not tripled. Quadrupled. States with the highest increases each year were Maine, New Mexico, Vermont, and West Virginia. Meanwhile, another study is trying to tackle the epidemic by humanizing the situation to doctors. It sent hundreds of doctors letters that gave the name and info of patients that had died from opioid prescriptions. Turns out, the docs that received the letters started prescribing fewer opioids than docs that didn't get letters. Interesting.

What to say when you hear Tribune and Sinclair are calling things off...

We were on a break. Now Ross isn't.


"All We Ever Wanted" by Emily Giffin

You may think of Nashville as Bachelorette HQ. It's also apparently home to a lot of local drama. In this book - written by the author of "Something Borrowed" and other fave beach reads - the son of a wealthy family there gets involved in a social media scandal. Spoiler: all hell breaks loose, y'all. Get it here.


For when your Summer Fridays are numbered...

Make them count. We want to send you and a friend to Amsterdam this year. Five days of stroopwafels, canals, and art. Van Gogh for it.

For when the playlist is Britney heavy...

Gimme gimme s'more. Happy National S'mores Day. Get toasted with this spiked milkshake recipe.

For your friend who refuses to see the new "Mamma Mia!" movie with you...

If Cher's ABBA cover doesn't convince you, nothing will.


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