5 tips to improve your landscape photography

Email sent: May 6, 2021 12:36pm

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We've compiled this awesome list of tips & tricks as well as gear recommendations to help you create the world's greatest images!

Add atmosphere to your scene.

Look for complimentary colors in nature to make your images pop. Green trees and blue water make a great combination for photos. Consider using a diffusion filter like the Pro-Mist or Fog filter to add atmosphere to your scene.

Don't pack up after the sun sets.

 Blue Hour is a great time to shoot landscapes with balanced light. Make sure to use a tripod during blue hour; the low level of light requires long exposures.

Don't forget about the details.

Wide angle lenses are great for showing vast landscapes, but don’t be afraid to get close to your subject. UV protector filters are a great choice to keep nature outside of your lens during up close shots.

Get a new perspective.

Shoot from an angle you wouldn’t normally see with your eyes. Use a drone or get low to the ground for a fresh perspective. Circular polarizer filters are a great way to reduce highlights on snow, and our drone filter kits offer our high quality filter effects in-flight.

Timing is everything.

Time of day changes everything for a landscape. Consider what sunrise, mid day, and sunset look like at the same location. Use a Neutral Density or Polarizer filter to help control light in unfavorable conditions.

Elevate your landscape photography.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been shooting landscapes for years, we hope you’ll learn something new.


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