Tom Steyer 2020
Tom Steyer 2020

I’m proud to partner with Climate Power 2020 to support green candidates.

Email sent: May 21, 2020 5:19pm

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We need a government that will trust science, promote environmental justice, and put people back to work in the clean energy economy — I’m working with a new organization called Climate Power 2020 to do just that. Now is the time to support candidates up and down the ballot who are ready to fight for people, fight against corporate greed, and fight to protect our one and only planet.

Add your voice today by pledging to be a climate voter this November:
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The 2020 election will define America’s future — from the continued response to this pandemic and its economic impact to addressing the climate crisis, the next six months are pivotal. Donald Trump and his administration have ignored experts and spread misinformation in order to put profits over people. Their response to these critical emergencies have been to call them “hoaxes” while dismantling environmental protections and choosing to protect corporations instead. And throughout it all, they are continuing to attempt to undo the Affordable Care Act in court, which would rip health insurance away from millions of people.
While the coronavirus pandemic and climate crisis have disproportionately hurt African-American, low-income, and other communities already suffering from systemic inequity, these emergencies affect and test us all — and this will only worsen without bold action.

I first got seriously involved with the climate movement a decade ago when my kids shared their fears about what was being done to our planet. Since then, I’ve worked with experts to understand the issues and traveled across the country, seeing for myself what happens when corporate polluters take advantage of communities of color, low-income families, and political corruption. My work for the past ten years has been fueled by one main thread: wanting to do what’s right, not just what’s convenient — and what’s right is to fight for climate justice and our planet. The reality is that kids born today are born into an unstable world. But we have an opportunity to change the course.

This election will be a referendum on our government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing climate crisis. We need to show up on November 3, and that means we need to start now. Take the first step today and commit to vote for climate this fall.

For our kids, for our planet, for our future,

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