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The 2020 census is ending soon.

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Friend  Just now, the Supreme Court decided to allow the Trump administration to stop counting for the 2020 census for now.

This undermines our democracy by not allowing Americans to be properly counted. If you haven’t, please fill out your census right now.

If you have filled out the census, ask your friends and family to do the same by forwarding this email to them.

The census is more than just a count. It means an accurate number of congressional districts per state, allotment of billions of dollars of federal funding, and even protecting Social Security by giving lawmakers accurate demographic projections. The census can determine the livelihoods of millions of people for years to come.

The pandemic has made counting every American and completing the census much harder. And that equals a severe undercounting of communities that are already often undercounted and under-represented, such as people of color, immigrants, poorer families and rural communities. This administration and the Supreme Court should be trying to extend the 2020 census, not end it early.

There’s one way we can fight this — by ensuring that everyone has filled out the census right now.
Fill out the census ASAP
Then forward this email to 5 friends and family.

If we want to ensure that we have proper representation in Congress, federal funding, and estimations for Social Security, we cannot let the Trump administration ignore Americans.

This is urgent,

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