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Did your morning coffee cost $90?

Email sent: Jun 18, 2013 6:02 pm

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Tuesday 6/18

We've gotten quite a few inquiries about this since the start of the sale, Kopi Kuwak, the coffee produced by the Asian Palm Civet. Unfortunately, we've never tried it. In fact, most people never have. It costs up to $90 for a cup in a café that is if you can find one that serves it. Even then, it's usually on served via appointment only.

It's the rarest, most expensive coffee in the world. Why? Well it takes a long time to make. Beans are not harvested from coffee plantations like normal coffee. Instead, there is an animal called a Civet that eats coffee berries. The beans are harvested after the Civet digests them. The beans are thoroughly cleaned and roasted afterward of course.

No one is sure what makes the coffee better. It might be a combination of the animal's own selection of only the best beans and also it's digestive enzymes. Whatever it is, it produces a coffee that's supposedly less acidic and smoother in taste. Try it for yourself to find out. The sale ends in 1 day and it won't cost anywhere near $90/cup at TouchOfModern.

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