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Buttigeg agrees: transit needs data standards

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It’s cottage season in Canada. Which means we’re taking plenty of commuter rail rides (and bike jaunts on the P’tit Train du Nord) up into the pine-needle cosmos of Québec and its million lakeside adventures. 🛶 When we ain’t in the woods? We’re telecommuting — or actually commuting — into the Transitverse, armour-plated with double doses 💉💉 and making office lattes like the good ol’ days.

Buttigieg Gets It ✊🏛🕴

Our friends at USDOT recently announced that the lack of data standards is one of the biggest issues facing smart cities and urban transportation.

It all comes down to making the best car-free trips:

  1. Easy to discover.
  2. Painless to take.

No need for us to get all preachy, telling you that in dense cities a bikeshare-to-subway trip can outpace a car. You read our newsletter! You know! But most folks *don’t* yet grasp the magic of multimodal.

Mobility data standards can solve this!!! They make it easy for average joes to plan and pay for multimodal trips — without needing to navigate an ugly maze of apps. To see this being acknowledged by DC’s top brass was extremely validating for our team.

Policy Handbook ✋📓

Just in time to back up Buttigieg, we’ve released Transit’s open mobility policy handbook, which helps cities (and transit agencies) use data standards to prioritize the rider experience. Not just the interests of a particular app or operator.

From buses to scooters to bikes to ridehail, from trip planning to payments, we cover it all (and the dozens of companies championing open mobility, with us) in our new guide.

It gives open mobility advocates in government and industry (👋!) a blueprint to build better, more connected cities.

Hubba Hubba, Steel City 🚲🔄🚌

One of the cities looking to improve mobility in a really big way? Our friends in Pittsburgh.

On an average day in Pittsburgh, 1 in 3 public transit riders will open our app. It’s why we were so gung-ho joining Pittsburgh’s Move PGH initiative, which places on-the-ground mobility hubs across the city — ones designed to make multimodal connections easier to discover ✅ and painless to take ✅.

It’s the IRL “yinz” to Transit’s “yangz” — we let you find nearby multimodal hubs when you open the app. Then we help you plan + pay for all your options in just a few taps.

Anyone who rides public transit (especially existing Transit users in Pittsburgh... 79% of whom don’t have access to a car) can now make trips that connect to other modes like Spin scooters, Healthy Ride bikeshare, and beyond. It brings multimodal to the people. We like that very much. 🚌⏩🚲

One Million Tickets

This month, Pittsburgh will join the 50+ cities already selling fares within Transit. All of whom helped us hit a major milestone: 1,000,000 fares sold!

We’re so grateful to our riders 🏃‍♀️, agency friends 👩‍✈️, and the holy triumvirate of ticketing partners (Bytemark, Masabi, Token Transit 👋📮) who’ve made it possible. We’ve designed Transit’s payments so any agency can start selling fares, quickly, no matter their ticketing backend.

Special shout-out to some new agency friends, now selling tickets in Transit: LANTA (Allentown, PA) with Token Transit; and VIA Metropolitan Transit (San Antonio, TX); DTA (Duluth, MN);  and Saskatoon Transit (Saskatchewan), all with Masabi.

The proof is in the poutine… get in touch if you want to start selling fares with us 🎟📈🚀

Rider Happiness Benchmarking

As we all synchro-dive into “ridership recovery mode,” an obvious way to win back riders is, you guessed it, making fares easier to buy. 🙊

But what else will it take? Do riders want agencies to keep mask mandates? What will make lapsed riders feel safe enough to return?

And what about existing riders — how do we make them happy? What expectations do they have about transit service? How are transit agencies living up to them?

We asked tens of thousands of riders exactly that with our last Rider Happiness Benchmarking survey.

We share our most interesting findings from our last survey in the ~pdf~ and ~webinar~. Including agency vs. agency comparisons, so you can see how riders are feeling in different cities.

We’re delivering quarterly rider happiness updates to agencies like BC Transit, LA Metro, Saskatoon Transit and more.

We’ve got a new survey in the field right now. Want to improve your service with statistically-significant feedback from your riders? Let’s set it up. 📊🏃‍♀️⚡️

Service changes! Microtransit!

We’ve been on a roll, rolling out ridership recovery-focused features for our agency partners. Like...

That’s all for this newsletter! But before we go, we want to highlight a few roles we’re hiring for — including:

If you know anyone worthy, let us know!

Until next time. 🤙

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