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How fancy: we’ve got a new policy scholar 🧠🚆

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You can still say Happy New Year in February, right??? Because in 2020, we’ve been as busy as frozen bees... 

You can still say Happy New Year in February, right??? Because in 2020, we’ve been as busy as frozen bees...

We kicked things off January 6 at the Bellagio at RTC headquarters in Las Vegas, where we launched in-app mobile ticketing for bus riders in Vegas. Massive cups of orange juice were thusly cheers’d with the RTC and our partners at Masabi, who handled the backend of our integration.

Whether you happen to be a Sin City local, or a Transit-using tourist, we’ve distilled the get-a-pass process to a couple of taps.

This comes happy on the heels of another ticketing integration: for Big Blue Bus in Santa Monica. This one, done in partnership with Token Transit. It’s the first Californian city (and West-Coast-period city) with tickets for sale in our app. Significantly, Token Transit marks the second major mobile ticket provider that works with Transit. We’re making a concerted effort to support ticket sales for every agency — regardless of what tech you’re using for tickets.

Our new policy advisor

Okay what else? Exciting news: we’re sporting an ear-to-ear grin today, because Andrew Salzberg has joined the braintrust at Transit! Professional transit nerds™ will recognize Andrew as the old Head of Transportation and Policy Research at Uber.

Andrew is a Montréal native ☃️ and is working for us in an advisor capacity while he finishes up his Loeb Fellowship at Harvard (where he gets to sit in Talmudic contemplation, thinking about the future of urban mobility, ridehail externalities, congestion pricing, walled gardens, Montréal bagels…)

If you’re interested in how a kid from Pointe-Saint-Charles (Montréal’s “Southie” 🇮🇪🏘️ ) circled the world — from Boston to China to Brooklyn to San Francisco and back — with nothing but a backpack of wit and his urbanist nunchucks…. you won’t want to miss this new interview.

Or… if you’re in more of a “podcast mood” than a “blog post mood,” listen to our COO Jake Sion wax poetic about the company Andrew is advising (and where we're headed!) here.

Oh! And we’ve revived our Apple Watch app. If those old Apple Watches were Larghissimo 🎶🎹🐌 fast, then the new Apple Watches are Prestissimo 🎶🎹🚅 fast. Which means Transit can run on your wrist without so much as a hint of lag. Perfection!

Paris Strike 🇫🇷

We’ve also upped our strike-prepper game. As the new year kicked off, the City of Lights was in the Grips of Grève: no — not a cold, but a transit strike. Our team worked around the clock to keep our Paris data up-to-date, so if you looked up an ETA or planned a trip, Transit could route you around the chaos. And it paid off: more Parisians than ever started using Transit to get around, and 150,000 people read our daily handcrafted summaries, to make sense of the strike.

When things go wrong within a system, we want to be a trustworthy partner to cities. Someone that can guide riders through all the stress, uncertainty, and chaos. 💪

A wild Transit was spotted 👀❗️

Catch us in the wild this winter at APTA Marketing February 23-26 in the very nordic city of Orlando, Florida. If you’ve ever wanted to put a face to a name (or a… uh... app?) come meet us Monday evening, February 24 — we’ll be hosting a little shindig for y’all.

👉 RSVP with password MONORAIL 👈

Then we head midwestward for at SUMC in Chicago March 17-19. We’ll be on some panels and then hosting a post-panel deep dish pizza party to discuss all your favourite smart-street toppings (bikeshare, transit, open APIs).

New partners. New cities.

As reliable as the credits on Netflix, we’ll finish this newsletter announcing some great new partners: Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (Massachusetts), Belleville Transit (Ontario), and the University of Iowa are all now wearing Transit green. We’ll be giving them stats about their most popular routes, a dashboard to send out stop-based alerts, a real-time data performance checker, and more.

Lastly, give a nice neighbourly “howdy!” to all these new Transit-supported systems:

  • Yellowknife Transit (Northwest Territories 🇨🇦)
  • Dumbarton Express (Bay Area 🇺🇸)
  • SFO Ferry Connector (Bay Area 🇺🇸)
  • Capital Area Transit (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 🇺🇸)
  • Snowmass Village Shuttle (Colorado 🇺🇸)
  • Tao (Orléans 🇫🇷)
  • Move (Vendôme 🇫🇷)
  • Fil Bleu (Tours 🇫🇷)
  • Astuce (Rouen 🇫🇷)
  • TanGO! (Nîmes 🇫🇷)
  • Transp’Or (Montpellier 🇫🇷)

The headway for the next Transit newsletter? A few weeks...
See you then!

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