How we sold our first ticket 🎟☝️👀

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We’re on our way to Newfoundland with CUTA, then on to Louisville for APTA Bus. We’re racking up those miles. It’s mobile ticketing road tour season…

Newfoundland? Yes b’y. We’re on our way to St. John’s, Newfoundland to get 🦅 screeched in 🦅 with CUTA: the Canadian Urban Transit Association. Then on to Louisville, for APTA Bus. Yeah we’re racking up those miles. Why? It’s mobile ticketing road tour season...

In St. John’s we’ll be making a big announcement about mobile ticketing for our fellow Canadians. Here’s what's led up to it… 

It started in St. Catharines.

In April, mobile tickets went live to all customers in our first city (St. Catharines, ON) with our first ticketing partner (Masabi). Usage has been pretty crazy. Riders are stoked they can buy tickets in the app they’re already using. No juggling additional apps, or quarters, required.

We show the agency’s logo and a “buy ticket” button throughout the app, including the homescreen and trip planner. It’s where users have the strongest intent to ride: they’re checking if their bus or train is close.

It’s more than giving riders “one more option” to pay. It’s about reducing the number of hoops transit riders have to hop through to ride (downloading a new app, dealing with a cashier, etc...)  With so many new app-powered modes, riders expect payments to be seamless. So we've got a solution that…

  1. Works in ALL cities, with every agency.
  2. Supports multiple ticketing platforms.
  3. Integrates payments and trip planning in one app.
  4. Is as delightful to use as the rest of Transit 💁

Curious how we got mobile tickets rolling with our St. Cats partners?

Next up? Dayton.

Fresh off our integration numero uno (and before our approaching announcement, in St. John’s) we’re capital-t THRILLED to reveal a new ticketing partner: RTA in Dayton, Ohio. More than that, RTA has selected us as their official mobility app. We’ve been friends with the folks in Dayton for a while. Seeing the grassroots success of Transit in Dayton blossom into a full partnership makes us proud. 💪

The new (less mythical) last-mile trip.

One of the things we’re working on with RTA (and other partners) is helping more customers connect with public transit. Which means conveying the best information to riders so they can reliably find, plan, and pay for trips. But it also means making transit more attractive to people who might not usually take it.

That’s why we’re...

  1. Aggressively adding new modes: like bikeshare and scooters, so people have faster ways to get to the stop.
  2. Helping agencies incentivize multimodal transit trips: ensuring new modes can best complement (not compete with) transit. Case in point? Big Blue Bus.

Big Blue Bus in Santa Monica wanted to let people know about its Blue at Night program, offering $3 Lyft shared rides  🚘 to and from Expo Line stations 🚆 on Friday and Saturday nights. How could we help them out?

We integrated Blue at Night into our trip planner: if a BBB rider’s trip qualifies, we apply the promo automatically, showing riders how much faster (and cheaper) a multimodal trip would be. Riders don’t have to remember a promo code, or juggle apps to plan the discounted trip. It’s baked right into our user experience. Taking multimodal out of theory, and putting it into practice.

Hello new cities 👀

 Badabing! That’s it from us. But not before we welcome our new supported cities.
Say hello to...

Lextran   Lexington, KY
DTA   Duluth, MN
RTS   Rochester, NY
The Comet   Columbia, SC

...then say hello to us in St. John’s at CUTA or (later in Louisville, for APTA Bus.) Don’t want to talk payments in person? We’re open to keeping the relationship epistolary — send us an email 👋📬

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