Ridership stats, stat! APTA and Transit: your new reporting superpower 🦹‍♂📊

Email sent: Dec 8, 2020 1:53pm

When the pandemic skies turn dark, every transit agency Batman needs an Alfred to provide exactly the right gear.

Welcome to the Transit Batcave. Stocked with the latest technology: courtesy of not just one Alfred, but two.

Yes, Master Wayne: Transit’s partnered with the American Public Transportation Association to create an industry-wide tool that supercharges ridership reporting. Millions of riders use Transit to track buses and trains. Now transit agencies can harness the collective wisdom of those riders to get up-to-date info of their very own.

Introducing the APTA Ridership Trends dashboard.

Public health orders are affecting ridership faster than traditional monthly or quarterly reporting can track, so the industry needs a new way to keep up.

Powered by Transit’s back-end analytics, the APTA Ridership Trends dashboard is a fully interactive, lightning-fast resource for the entire industry – tracking demand for public transit and publishing up-to-date estimates of ridership change.

Make it your own. Choose a timeframe and compare by agency size, region, or name. Benchmark your agency against peers and nationwide averages. Create a slick visualization of the stats you need, and instantly download your CSV.

Holy dashboard webinar!

Matt Dickens, APTA’s Senior Policy Analyst, and David Block-Schachter, Transit’s Chief Business Officer, give you the inside scoop: how we built the dashboard, where it’ll help, and what other types of data analysis we do at Transit.

Tuesday, January 12
2 PM ET / 11 AM PT

Want more detailed analysis for your system?
Light up the Bat-Signal: [email protected]


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