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The spell has broken. The cold is over. Grandmaster Frost is on his last legs.

The spell has broken. The cold is over. Grandmaster Frost is on his last legs. The snap of hockey pucks on public rinks has given way to the psychotic bedlam of Canadian geese screaming the whole way home (lest they overstay their visas). The BIXIs are on the horizon. Winter bikers are trading out their monster truck-sized tires for something a lil more svelte.

What about us? Some of us are returning to the Transit office in Montreal. Who has been watering the plants this whole time? Who drank the last Pepsi in the fridge? These are questions that need answers.

Now as we tune up our bikes and reload our fare cards, we’re settling into whatever new reality you want to call “this”: public transit is running (like it always has), but it faces new challenges. Transit agencies have done a great job adapting to weird new commuting patterns, budget challenges, driver shortages. Now we’re helping riders adapt in turn.

Schedule ch-ch-ch-changes 👨‍🎤🚍📊

We’ve just introduced a new feature that shows when regular service is about to change: when you tap any transit line on the home screen, we’ll point out any upcoming changes to the schedule.

  • Is your bus running weekday service at “weekend” frequencies?
  • Are extra trips being added?
  • Is a holiday schedule going into effect?

We’ll send you a push notification before it does (if you’ve enabled alerts for that line).

Folks who are subscribed to Royale: you can dig into graphs that show you how service has changed, day-by-day, week-by-week.

Are you a transit agency? You can unlock Royale for all of your riders. Just ask.

New Royale partners 👑

Dozens of agencies have already made the dive both feet first into Royale: So we’re proud to announce the next round of cities who’ve given all their riders a free subscription to Transit Royale:

  • ABQ Ride in Albuquerque, NM
  • Belleville Transit in Belleville, ON
  • Big Blue Bus in Santa Monica, CA
  • C-TRAN in Vancouver, WA
  • CARTA in Charleston, SC
  • Cornwall Transit in Cornwall, ON
  • CW Ride systems in Oregon
  • FAST in Fairfield, CA
  • Big Blue Bus in Santa Monica, CA
  • Golden Empire Transit in Bakersfield, CA
  • Knoxville Area Transit in Knoxville, TN
  • Leo in Auxerre, France
  • Loudoun County Transit in Loudoun County, VA
  • Metro in Los Angeles County, CA
  • Milton Transit in Milton, ON
  • Monterey-Salinas Transit in Monterey, CA
  • NICE Bus in Nassau County, NY
  • Omnitrans in San Bernardino, CA
  • RideKC in Kansas City, MO
  • RTD in Denver, CO
  • SolTrans in Vallejo, CA
  • Tri-Delta Transit in Contra Costa County, CA
  • UTA in Salt Lake City, UT
  • WeGo Public Transit in Nashville, TN

Driver hiring spreeeee 👋👔

By helping agencies find more drivers, we can minimize the number of cancelled trips — as well as any schedule changes caused by staffing issues.

It’s why we’ve been working with 30+ transit agencies including the MBTA, LA Metro, and SEPTA to recruit new staff. We set up banners in the app, showing riders in participating cities how they can take up the wheel for their local transit agency.

So far, more than 425,000 Transit users have seen these banners, and thousands of them have followed through, read the job descriptions, and hit “apply now”.

If you’d like to set these up in your city — at no cost 👌 — send us a quick note.

Privacy upgrade 🌳🏠🌳

The support of our agency partners (and the riders subscribed to Royale) ensures the longevity of Transit, and allows us to create even more privacy-protecting features.

We recently made it easier to erase your Transit data, such as a “pinned” transit line that’s associated with your account — this used to be a manual process that required an email, but now you can delete your data by tapping a button in the settings page in the app 💥 🚮 🔢

Our Multimodal Yodel 🥨🗣⛰

We’ve got a few big partnerships to announce on the operator front! First up: you can now unlock and pay for BCycle bikeshare in Madison, WI + Santa Barbara, CA + Broward County, FL + Greenville, SC.

We’ve also added support for Free2Move carshare in Austin, Denver, Portland, and DC. Whether you’re connecting to transit, or need some trunk space for your groceries/IKEA furniture/scuba tanks/vintage synthesizers — we’ve got you covered. You can see nearby vehicles on the map, and book one in a couple taps 👋🤿🎹

We’ve also added microtransit support (thanks 💞 Via) for UTA in Utah, and GET Bus in Bakersfield, CA 🚐💨

Multimodal fares in the trip planner 🚍🔁🚖

With hundreds and hundreds (thousands? trillions?) of transit systems and private operators all integrated into Transit, finding a multimodal trip is easy. But it also yields a bit of uncertainty: if you’re monkey-branching between modes, how much is it gonna cost ya to get from A to B?

That’s why we’ve begun to roll out combined fares™ that show you the total cost of your trip, depending on the modes you choose. We’ve started listing combined fares for “ridehail + transit” trips wherever the data exists — with more multimodal combos to come…

Who uses Transit?

Have you ever wondered what Transit riders look like? Is our ridership representative of your ridership? We crunched the numbers in our last Rider Happiness Benchmarking survey — here’s what we found:

  • Yes: Transit app users are representative of national transit ridership
  • But: the way that riders get transit information is not the same across race and income levels
  • Social media and public meetings: they're significantly less effective at reaching low-income riders (and Black and Latino riders) than other transit agency communication channels
  • So what actually works? All that and more in our latest fact sheet 👀

Other than that… it’s time to hang up our skis, close our screens, and go for a nice spring saunter around the neighbourhood. Ciao! 👋 🌆🚶‍♂️

PS: We’re hiring a full-stack web developer, a static data developer, and a developer for our real-time team! They’ll be the masters of our API jungle gym: microtransit integrations, bikeshare integrations, real-time transit integrations… multimodal hopefuls can learn more 🚲👉 h-e-r-e 👈🚲

Like the cut of our jib? Forward to a friend — via text, bike messenger, paper airplane, whatever. And here’s a link to our newsletter sign-up form, if you haven’t subscribed.

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