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The seeds for a post-pandemic ridership BOOM

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Hellooooo sweet nectar of the naiads! Immunological bliss! The happiest band-aids we’ve ever got! The vaccine rollout here in Québec is rollin’ along with aplomb.

This month, Transit’s Montréal office started to qualify for our first doses. Soon the whole team will be able to congregate for our first non-virtual office party in forever. Goodbye “can you hear me now?” Hello “play me a song, mister piano man!” Can you tell we’re excited? 🎹👯🎶

Not just excited: we’re actively helping riders nab a jab. In Québec, our CTO Guillaume built a Twitter bot called Vaccélérateur (New Yorkers: think TurboVax) that lets you book hard-to-find, last-minute appointments. It’s been picked up by all the local press and is helping make sure no doses go to waste: its listings have been viewed close to 5M times and have pointed people to ~100k appointments. Special shout-out to Clémence for coming up with the awesome name. ✔️🅰️✖️

Montréal’s hometown advantage soon went worldwide. We’ve added vaccination clinics to the map in Transit, so riders can easily find a trip to a clinic with open slots.

Transit agencies, here’s how to add vaccination locations in your city! We’re now live in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Toronto, Calgary, plus all across Québec and the entirety of France.

Now that the rollout of plague-fighting potion is ramping up 💉 what will be the effect on ridership? 👀

We’ve been busy figuring out exactly that with our new Rider Happiness Benchmarking program. Multiple agencies are working with us to figure stuff out like: what will prevent riders from returning? what’s working? what’s not? what can be done to get posteriors back into bus interiors? The good news: you can read the summary and dive deep with our webinar on Thursday. We have results at the agency level, too. The findings are palpably 🔥

Thursday, May 27
2 PM ET / 11 AM PT

Interested in hyperlocal results for your agency but can’t make it Thursday? Drop us a note: [email protected].


One of the popular pandemic balms to (how-shall-we-say) TUrBuLeNt ridership patterns has been microtransit: those winsome on-demand shuttles, which connect riders to fixed-route buses and trains.

We’re excited to announce a new integration with LA Metro’s “Metro Micro” service, powered by RideCo 🙏. Transit (did you hear? we're Metro’s official app) now surfaces on-demand shuttles in the trip planner, connecting you to nearby buses and trains.

Micro-moreover: hello to ETS’s new “Edmonton On Demand” service, and UTA on Demand in Salt Lake City (both powered by Via). If you’re curious how these types of microtransit gambits are going, here’s the case study.

Whether you’re running 40-foot buses or 10-foot shuttles, riders expect to be able to find them all in one place. (Not a “40-foot transit” app, and a “10-foot transit” app 🙊). Need proof? In cities with microtransit services, like Durham, ON, two-thirds of all on-demand trips with us are multimodal.

Your agency’s trip planner ain’t yet set up to handle on demand-to-transit trips? Get in touch. 👉👩‍💻👈

RTC Bike Share

But we’re not just shuttling you onto public transit. We’re letting you shuttle yourself! With our newest bikeshare partnership, in Fortuna’s neon fortress: Las Vegas! It’s the first city in the U.S. that lets you take bikeshare and transit, with just one app. The stuff that multimodal dreams are made of. Thanks RTC, BCycle, and Bicycle Transit Systems.

Got a BCycle system in your city? 👀 Let’s chat.

Say hello to...

Letting riders pay how they want eliminates a longstanding barrier to public transit. We’re predictably thrilled, therefore, that we can now eliminate barriers to payment for a whole new swath of public transit systems: now that we’ve begun adding ticketing systems powered by Bytemark.

What does this mean for your city? Agencies with Bytemark ticketing systems can contact us to start selling tickets to riders in Transit. When Transit has multimodal partners (say, a 🚲 or 🛴 or 🚖 operator) in your city, enabling ticketing means riders can now pay for every part of their trip with their Transit account. Not bad 🙏

Payments update

Things are going well with our other payment partners, too: we just introduced an “account history view” across all Masabi ticketing markets, letting you see your receipts. And it's already being put to good use: riders have used Transit to pay for 500,000 rides with EZFare (a transit payment network across Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky).

And we’re excited for all these systems heeding the call, now selling tickets within Transit, thanks to one of our OG ticketing partners, Token Transit:

Go BG Transit (Bowling Green, KY), FAST (Fairfield and Suisun, CA), JTA (Jacksonville, FL), CityBus of Greater Lafayette (Lafayette, IN), CAT (Savannah, GA), The Bus (Springfield, MO), San Joaquin RTD (Stockton, CA), Santa Clarita Transit (Santa Clarita, CA), The COMET (Columbia, SC), 380 Express (Cedar Rapids & Iowa City, IA), Simi Valley Transit (Simi Valley, CA), Clallam Transit (Port Angeles, WA), Kern Transit (Kern County, CA), Kingsport Area Transit Service (Kingsport, TN), NECALG (Sterling, CO), Redwood Coast Transit Authority (Del Norte County, CA), Transpo (South Bend, IN)

Nice. 😎

We’ll say no more! Except that we are hiring iOS developers, full-stack web developers, a data scientist, and a product designer to prepare for the post-pandemic ridership boom. Do ya know someone clever? Put us in touch.

Catch you soon. When we’re all vaxxed up.

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