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Who's Your Patron Saint?

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Your friends, the saints, are here for you!
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Free Standard Shipping For Orders $75 and Up - No Code Needed Your friends, the saints, are here for you!

St. Thérèse of Lisieux

"I will spend my heaven doing good on earth.
I will let fall a shower of roses.

In 1887, a notorious murderer named Henry Pranzini was being
led to his execution in Paris. News of his crimes had been shared
all over France along with the chilling fact that he had shown no remorse for his actions. As he approached the place of execution, something unexpected happened. Pranzini grabbed the chaplain's
outstretched crucifix and kissed the wounds of Christ three times.
One hundred and twenty- five miles away in the little town of
Lisieux, fourteen-year-old Thérèse Martin had been praying for
Pranzini after reading about his crimes in the newspaper. She had
been moved with compassion for his eternal soul and, fearing his
eternal damnation, had prayed for his conversion.

St. Thérèse is well known for her "Little Way" of holiness—small
acts of kindness, love, and self-denial for Jesus. She spent her
earthly days praying and offering small sacrifices for others. With
her dying words, she promised to spend her time in heaven
helping those on earth.

Pious tradition has shown that St. Thérèse sends roses to those
who seek her intercession by praying a novena. Ask St. Therese
to pray that you might grow in holiness.

St. Thérèse of Lisieux, pray for us!

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Chaplet of St. Therese of Lisieux

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Chaplet of St. Therese
of Lisieux

This glass chaplet of St. Therese of Lisieux includes a colorful prayer card with instructions on how to pray the chaplet. A thoughtful gift selection for anyone with devotion to the Little Flower. Features a St. Therese pewter medal.

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Saint Therese Little Flower Mug

Saint Therese Little Flower Mug

This mug was artfully crafted in honor of one of our beloved saints, St. Therese of Lisieux. St. Therese loved flowers and saw herself as the “Little Flower of Jesus”. St. Therese believed that the path to holiness was not filled with giant acts of heroism, but rather little sacrifices. Countless millions have been touched by her words and her “little way”. This coffee mug features a delicate rose,as a gentle reminder to do little acts of charity throughout our day, and recalls her words: "I will let fall from heaven a shower of roses."
St. Therese Sacrifice Bracelet

St. Therese Sacrifice Bracelet

As a child, St. Therese the "Little Flower" used a string of beads to count her sacrifices and acts of love done for God. In that way she was able to advance in perfection daily. You too can grow in holiness by following the example of the Little Flower. Perfect for helping to form virtuous hearts and minds! Each time you make a sacrifice or do a good deed, offer it up to God and pull a bead to keep track of them throughout the day. Personalization is available.
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Personalized St. Therese Holy Water Bottle

Personalized St. Therese
Holy Water Bottle

This Holy Water Bottle is adorned with a rose to symbolize St. Therese of Lisieux. Makes a great gift for those who have a devotion to the “Little Flower.” A special little vessel for one's Holy Water. *Holy water not included. Ask your parish priest where you can fill your bottle for free at the church.
St. Therese Statue

St. Therese

St. Therese of Lisieux, also called Saint Therese the Little Flower, and St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, continually leads us to discover God's love in our lives. This lovely statue is a reminder to try to imitate her "little" ways each day. Crafted by artisans at Joseph's Studio. Measures 10". Made of resin/stone mix.
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Personalized Female Heroes Saint Box

Personalized Female
Heroes Saint Box

This unique set ensures that your child will never lack faith-inspired educational tools, toys, or room decor! Six mini pewter statues, set on wooden stands for easy display, portray incredible female saints of the Church: Joan of Arc. St. Clare of Assisi, St. Rita, St.Catherine of Siena, Mother Teresa, and St. Therese of Lisieux. Help your child learn about these Catholic heroes, and increase their love and enthusiasm for the Faith! Personalized mango wood box will read "[Your Child's Name]'s Heroes," making this a unique and personal keepsake that will be loved and cherished by the young recipient. Ideal for birthdays, Christmas or First Communion.
Therese of Lisieux Mother's Candle

Therese of Lisieux
Mother's Candle

This alluring candle features an equally lovely quote from the Little Flower herself, St. Therese of Lisieux, who summed up motherhood beautifully: "The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a mother." The floral pattern attractively frames the words of the quote, providing lovely home decor while the gentle cotton clean scent brings freshness to the air wherever you display it. A beautiful gift for a Catholic mom, for Mother's Day, her birthday, or any occasion.
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St. Benedict of Nursia

St. Benedict's holy way of living had attracted many men who wanted
to live by the rigorous rules he had crafted to promote holiness. As
time went on, however, not all the monks agreed with the holy man's
strict rules—and they formed a plan to poison the cup St. Benedict
was to drink from. When St. Benedict recited a blessing over the
chalice, it shattered, saving the saint from the poison.

St. Benedict has long been known as a powerful intercessor
for spiritual protection. The St. Benedict medal is engraved with
prayers for protection from the devil. Pray to St. Benedict
for protection from evil.

St. Benedict, pray for us!

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Home Blessing - St Benedict

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Home Blessing -
St Benedict

The Home Blessing of St. Benedict is a new and unique way to benefit from the sacramental use of the St. Benedict medal that can be displayed just about anywhere. This Home Blessing of St. Benedict is a decorative way to display the St. Benedict medal with knotted nylon cords and beads that can hang from a doorknob or from another convenient place in the home or car.

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St. Benedict Paracord Decade Rosary

St. Benedict Paracord
Decade Rosary

Asking for Our Lady’s help on a St. Benedict decade rosary combines the compelling intercession of the Blessed Mother with the powerful graces of the St. Benedict Medal. A masculine design for daily prayer, the sturdy, grey paracord and silver plated steel beads add to the rugged feel of the piece. This Catholic Company exclusive rosary makes a memorable gift for men of all ages. 
St. Benedict Ball Cap

St. Benedict
Ball Cap

The ever-popular, powerful St. Benedict medal is now featured on a classic cap making it the perfect accessory for any Catholic. Having a strong association with warding off evil spirits, and a reminder of God's protection and blessings, the medal has become a Catholic-favorite with a deeply rooted history in the Cross of Christ. Unique, practical gift for men, retreat participants, and faith formation groups.  
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St. Benedict Blue & Red Medal with Chain

St. Benedict
Blue & Red Medal with Chain

As the home of St. Benedict, we appropriately discovered this medal while on a buying trip to Loreto, Italy. This St. Benedict medal is made from red and blue enamel and oxidized silver. Measures 1" by 1", making it an ideal size for a man or a woman. Comes on a 24 inch chain.
St. Benedict Wood Crucifix with Gold Corpus

St. Benedict Wood Crucifix
with Gold Corpus

This handsome wooden Crucifix made of rich, dark wood features a gold tone Corpus that is highly detailed, elegant and distinctive, and a Jubilee Medal of St. Benedict as the centerpiece. Sacramental protection, beauty and faithful inspiration all in one. Generously sized. A beautiful gift of faith and love. Note: Personalization, if added, will appear on back of crucifix
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Personalized St. Benedict Rosary Hanger

Personalized St. Benedict
Rosary Hanger

Bring your home and family under the protection of the great St. Benedict with this rosary rack, which bears four silver hooks for you to hang your family rosaries to prevent tangling. The rustic-looking design reads "The family that prays together stays together," reminding you of the importance of gathering your household together in prayer as often as possible. Free personalization makes this a lovely family gift.
St. Benedict Sterling Silver Ring with Thin Band

St. Benedict Sterling
Silver Ring with Thin Band

A distinctive piece of jewelry with an ancient history, this St. Benedict Sterling Silver Ring features a thin sterling band, with the Jubilee medal as the centerpiece. The insignia is engraved then etched black for striking detail and accent. A gift of faith and spiritual protection for someone you cherish.  
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St. Joseph

St. Joseph, the greatest saint after Our Lady, has a fascinating title:
Terror of Demons. Why are the demons so terrified of Joseph?

The answer lies in the role that God has given to St. Joseph—and
the authority it entails. He represented God the Father to Jesus
here on earth. He had been given the authority to protect the
Blessed Mother and the Christ Child as head of the Holy Family.

St. Joseph received heavenly guidance in this mission. While he
slept, an angel would appear to him and tell him the next step he
should take as the Holy Family's protector. Some of the most
pivotal decisions of his life were made in his sleep.

Ask St. Joseph to help you discern the right choices for your family
in your sleep by placing your prayer intentions under a
Sleeping St. Joseph Statue!

St. Joseph, pray for us!

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Italian Sleeping St. Joseph Figure

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Italian Sleeping
St. Joseph Figure

This Italian figure of St. Joseph asleep isn't your average statue. According to the connected devotion, write out your prayer requests each evening and place them under the figure. Both God and St. Joseph will be working together while you sleep to answer your prayers. "I have great love for Saint Joseph, because he is a man of silence and strength. On my table I have an image of Saint Joseph sleeping. Even when he is asleep, he is taking care of the Church!” - Pope Francis.

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Calligraphy St. Joseph Workplace Framed Print

Calligraphy St. Joseph
Workplace Framed Print

This breathtaking, calligraphy style print comes in an elegant yet rustic look golden frame. The moving prayer to St. Joseph will serve as a constant reminder of his intercession and the importance of sanctifying every part of our day, even our work! Ready to hang or stand in any office space.
St. Joseph Chaplet

St. Joseph

This hand made St. Joseph Chaplet is a prayerful reflection on the Spouse of Mary and Earthly Father of Christ. The perfect gift for new dads, experienced fathers, and anyone seeking a powerful intercessor before the throne of God, especially for family needs. Prayer Card and instructions included.
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St. Joseph Lily White 20oz Tumbler

St. Joseph Lily
White 20oz Tumbler

Honor the life and sanctity of St. Joseph with this travel tumbler, featuring an elegant lily design with an invocation to the Foster Father of Christ on the reverse. The stainless steel tumbler provides double-wall insulation, keeping your coffee hot or water cold for hours. Whether you're relaxing at home, on the road, or at the office, this handy travel tumbler provides a fantastic way to take your faith wherever you go. The invocation by St. Francis de Sales reads: Glorious St. Joseph, spouse of the Virgin Mary, we beseech you through the heart of Jesus Christ, grant to us your fatherly protection. 
St. Joseph Socks - Adult

St. Joseph
Socks - Adult

These thoughtfully designed socks are patterned with crisscrossing carpenter's squares and white lilies, and accented with a remarkably detailed image of St. Joseph holding the child Jesus and a stem of lilies. The sole contains a little holy humor, and features one of St. Joseph's most famous quotes. Makes a fun gift for a parish priest, Dad, or any devotee of St. Joseph. 
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St. Francis of Assisi

The people in the Italian city of Gubbio feared for their lives when
a large wolf terrorized their livestock and killed anyone outside the
city gates at night. They were so terrified of the beast that they
would not go out to hear St. Francis preach when he visited the
town. Determined to help them, St. Francis walked to the wolf's den
and reasoned with the animal. The ferocious wolf became as docile
as a pet dog toward this holy man of God. St. Francis preached to
him while the people looked on in amazement. St. Francis made a
pact between the wolf and the people, promising that the people
would feed the wolf as long as it lived and, in return, the wolf
would live peacefully among them and bring them no harm.

St. Francis was known for his gentleness towards all creatures.
Thanks to his taming of the wolf of Gubbio, he is known as the
patron saint of animals. Pray to him for the protection (and
good behavior) of all your pets and the wildlife near your home!

St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us!

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St. Francis Garden Statue Bird Feeder

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St. Francis Garden
Statue Bird Feeder

Many stories surround the life of Francis of Assisi and his love of nature and the animals. He lived his life devoted to Christ, and believed that nature itself was a mirror of God. No wonder that his image is the most popular statuary around our homes and gardens. This St. Francis statue has a base that forms a little dish that can be filled with birdseed... a natural for the garden! Also suitable for your sunroom or other special place in your home.

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St. Francis Pet Medal

St. Francis Pet Medal

Place your pet under the watchful care of St. Francis. This pet medal features an image of the beloved saint and an animal on the front, and on the reverse reads, "St. Francis, protect my pet."
Day by Day With St. Francis

Day by Day With St. Francis

Minute Meditations for everyday, containing a quote on St. Francis' life and legacy from the writings of the Saint and his early brothers, a reflection, and a scriptural prayer for each day of the year. Beautiful and inspiring. A perfect way to begin each new day!
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San Damiano Crucifix Dark Wood

San Damiano Crucifix
Dark Wood

This San Damiano Crucifix is generously sized and beautifully crafted by artisans in Italy. It features vivid colors and fine detail in the style of traditional Florentine plaques, with a rich, dark wood background. An incredible and inspiring piece of holy art for home and for prayer. Makes a special gift for anyone devoted to St. Francis or to the San Damiano Crucifix.
St. Francis Brave Beads Tenner Rosary

St. Francis Brave Beads
Tenner Rosary

The St. Francis Tenner from the Brave Beads collection celebrates the beauty of God's creation in nature - just as St. Francis did. The Red Creek Jasper beads on camo paracord reflect the peace of camping under the stars, the invigorating joy of a good hike, a lush forest, and a blazing sunrise. An ox. silver medal honors St. Francis, the patron saint of animals, nature and conservation. A handsome silver Crucifix and a carabiner clip finish the rosary tenner, and allow you to take it anywhere. Clip this sturdy rosary to your belt loop or backpack, or keep it in your pocket for those moments when splendor of an outdoor adventure moves you to humility and gratitude.
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St. Francis Adult Socks

St. Francis Adult Socks

Share the message of St. Francis and his mission to rebuild the Church as you wear these cool Catholic saint socks. A look that is always in style, these are fun for work, casual, and daily Mass!
Tau Wood Bead Rosary Bracelet

Tau Wood Bead Rosary Bracelet

The tau has long been a Franciscan symbol for devotion to Christ and his saving cross. This stretch rosary bracelet is made with olive wood tau-shaped beads*, etched olive wood round beads, and black wood spacers. The simple colors and textures capture the simplicity of St. Francis and his life of solidarity with the poor, and olive wood calls to mind his special love for The Holy Land. An ideal piece for everyday wear suitable for men and women alike.
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