trip advisor - newzealand
trip advisor - newzealand

Spring break: Time to plan that trip!

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Explore the best ways to beat the winter blues.
Spring break sunshine

"I love being cold all the time," said No. One. Ever. Start scoping flights now to score great deals to the top spring break destinations (and add sunscreen to your cart!)

Orlando, FL Flights

"When travelling with my wife, we always love seeing new places and doing new things. One of the great things about Orlando is that there are so many things to do, see, and experience…." TheFloridaAdvisor

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Las Vegas, NV Flights

"Vegas is like Disneyland for adults. No longer is it simply for a paradise for gamblers but instead now caters for shoppers, clubbers, foodies, theatre lovers and general fun seekers.” mikehove

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Honolulu, HI Flights

"Oahu is a place for all people to slow down, relax, decompress. There are numerous things to do on the island. Tastes from around the world to enjoy, and golf as well as shopping. Sitting on a rock under a palm tree in North Shore…" Frank S

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Miami, FL Flights

"Miami is known as the Magic City for its rapid growth. At an age where art, travel and food industries are booming, Miami is a "must visit" vacation spot…” Mel_Medd

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Phoenix, AZ Flights

"Phoenix is a desert metropolis, loaded with fun activities for families. It has all the amenities of a big city, plus plenty of outdoor adventures as well." tipsforfamilytrips

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Want to make a (spring) break for other popular destinations?

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