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Troy Lee Designs in Full Force at Unadilla - August 12, 2013

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August 12, 2013 - Corona, CA

Troy Lee Designs in Full Force at Unadilla

AMA Motocross - New Berlin, NY

Malcolm Stewart
Malcolm Stewart
Malcolm Stewart
Malcolm Stewart
Cole Seely
Cole Seely
Cole Seely
Cole Seely
Jessy Nelson
Jessy Nelson
Jessy Nelson
Jessy Nelson
Shane McElrath
Shane McElrath
Shane McElrath
Shane McElrath
Cole Seely and Malcolm Stewart have been tasked with holding down the fort for much of the summer motocross season as Jessy Nelson and Christian Craig healed from injuries and Shane McElrath, the team’s standout amateur rider, finished his amateur career at Loretta Lynn’s ranch. Last weekend, however, Cole and Malcolm were joined by a healthy Jessy Nelson and young McElrath, who was making his professional debut.

The weather looked ominous as the weekend approached. Rain showers doused the area and the Unadilla Valley Sports Park in New Berlin, NY was soggy. Thanks to the efforts of the track crew and a little relief from Mother Nature the course came around for race day and provided a challenging course for all the Troy Lee Designs athletes to navigate.

The opening 450 moto saw Stewart running in 15th early on. Malcolm poured on the speed and moved up into the top ten before having a big crash just prior to the halfway point. It was a scary moment for the whole team as they waited to see if he was going to be okay. Thankfully, he got up, although slowly, and finished the moto.

The second moto started with a massive first-turn pileup that collected Stewart. Malcolm picked himself up, climbed aboard his CRF450 and charged all the way back to 11th position for 17th overall on the day.

The 250 class featured three of the TLD riders and they each had eventful days. Seely struggled with his starts all day. In a class as talented as the 250cc division you can’t afford to let the leaders get away from you early and Cole allowed that to happen. Still, he turned mediocre starts into solid 9-10 moto finishes and tallied a 9th overall at Unadilla.

Jessy Nelson hasn’t raced a national since the opener at Hangtown and nerves seemed to get the better of him in the opening moto. Nelson rode hard and charged to the end but between arm pump and riding tight he could only muster a 15th place result. The second moto went a little better and after a good moto-long effort he found himself in 12th spot, scoring 13th overall.

Shane McElrath put himself in a good position in the opening moto of his professional career, battling around 13th spot. At around the twenty-minute mark he lost his rear brake and, subsequently, a few positions. His first pro moto would end in 17th. The second time out he raced his way into 12th spot with only two laps to go. It was a great ride and an improvement from his first moto. Unfortunately he lost his front end in a turn and finished 17th for 18th overall.

The Troy Lee Designs team now heads to Tooele, Utah for the Miller Motorsports Park National next weekend. The brand new course offers a level playing field for both classes and the Troy Lee Designs riders will be looking to lay claim to the new facility. If you plan to attend please stop by and say hello to all the team riders, including rookie Shane McElrath.

The team would like to continue to encourage Christian Craig as he recovers from injury. Craig is currently back on the bike and working on getting back to race form. We miss you at the track, Christian.

TLD would like to thank all of our team sponsors: Lucas Oil, American Honda, PPG, Red Bull, Adidas, Oakley, Seaspan, Fender®, Pro Tork, Dunlop, Renthal, Alpinestars, MavTV, ODI, McQueen Racing, Method Race Wheels, Sol Republic, GoPro, Shock Doctor, Pro Circuit, Showa, VQ OrthoCare, Couts Heating & Cooling, Specialized, Kasey Kahne, Enjoy, VP Racing Fuels, DubyaUSA/Talon, Moto Tassinari, PixelMags, ARC, Braking, Boyesen, Caprillo, Moto Brew, Vortex, Cycra, Mammoth Mountain, DID, Dirt Star, Hinson, Twin Air, Pacific Collision Centers, Sports Care Center, Elrod Racing, and New Era.

Event Results

450 MX
1. Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki) 1-1
2. Justin Barcia (Honda) 4-2
3. Ryan Dungey (KTM) 2-4
4. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki) 9-3
5. Josh Grant (Yamaha) 5-5
6. Andrew Short (KTM) 6-7
7. Brett Metcalfe (Kawasaki) 10-6
8. Broc Tickle (Suzuki) 8-8
9. Justin Brayton (Yamaha) 7-13
10. Phil Nicoletti (Yamaha) 13-9
11. James Stewart, Jr. (Suzuki) 3-40
12. Matt Goerke (KTM) 14-14
13. Chad Reed (Honda) 17-12
14. Jake Canada (Yamaha) 25-10
15. Akira Narita (Honda) 16-15
16. Tyla Rattray (Kawasaki) 11-20
17. Malcolm Stewart (Honda) 34-11
18. Mike Alessi (Suzuki) 12-39
19. Zach Freeberg (Honda) 15-24
20. Ben Lamay (Yamaha) 22-16
21. Jeremy Medaglia (Yamaha) 19-18
22. Bobby Kiniry (Yamaha) 40-17
23. Derek Anderson (Kawasaki) 18-25
24. Broc Schmelyun (Kawasaki) 21-19
25. Joey Peters (Yamaha) 20-27
26. Evgeny Mikhaylov (KTM) 23-21
27. AJ Catanzaro (Kawasaki) 35-22
28. Robby Marshall (KTM) 27-23
29. Trey Canard (Honda) 39-26
30. Vann Martin (Kawasaki) 30-28
31. Seth Rarick (KTM) 29-29
32. Steve Roman (Suzuki) 33-30
33. Michael Sottile (Honda) 28-31
34. Robert Lind (Yamaha) 32-32
35. Mitchell Dougherty (Honda) 36-33
36. Ronnie Stewart (Suzuki) 31-34
37. Augie Lieber (Kawasaki) 37-35
38. Travis Sewell (Yamaha) 26-36
39. Austin Howell (Suzuki) 24-37
40. Michael Byrne (KTM) 38-38

450 MX Point Standings
1. Ryan Villopoto 463
2. Ryan Dungey 419
3. Justin Barcia 347
4. James Stewart, Jr. 289
5. Trey Canard 263
6. Andrew Short 220
7. Jake Weimer 216
8. Broc Tickle 209
9. Josh Grant 208
10. Mike Alessi 204
11. Malcolm Stewart 171
12. Phil Nicoletti 162
13. Chad Reed 157
14. Justin Brayton 153
15. Tyla Rattray 151
16. Ryan Sipes 118
17. Clement DeSalle 58
18. Brett Metcalfe 57
19. Weston Peick 56
20. Ben Lamay 51

250 MX
1. Eli Tomac (Honda) 1-1
2. Jeremy Martin (Yamaha) 2-3
3. Ken Roczen (KTM) 5-2
4. Zach Osborne (Honda) 3-6
5. Blake Baggett (Kawasaki) 4-5
6. Justin Bogle (Honda) 10-4
7. Wil Hahn (Honda) 6-8
8. Marvin Musquin (KTM) 8-9
9. Cole Seely (Honda) 9-10
10. Martin Davalos (Kawasaki) 13-7
11. Kyle Cunningham (Yamaha) 7-14
12. Cooper Webb (Yamaha) 12-11
13. Jessy Nelson (Honda) 15-12
14. Alex Martin (Yamaha) 14-15
15. Adam Cianciarulo (Kawasaki) 19-13
16. Jason Anderson (Suzuki) 11-34
17. Kyle Peters (Honda) 18-16
18. Shane McElrath (Honda) 17-17
19. Justin Hill (Kawasaki) 16-18
20. Matt Bisceglia (Honda) 37-19
21. Darryn Durham (Kawasaki) 21-20
22. Jimmy Decotis (Honda) 20-36
23. Ryan Zimmer (Honda) 39-21
24. Jacob Baumert (Kawasaki) 22-22
25. Brady Kiesel (Honda) 35-23
26. Zach Williams (Honda) 24-24
27. Dakota Tedder (Kawasaki) 26-25
28. Justin Starling (Honda) 23-26
29. Daniel Herrlein (Honda) 25-27
30. Chris Canning (Honda) 27-28
31. Johnny Moore (Honda) 29-29
32. Daniel Lippman (Suzuki) 32-30
33. James Coen (Honda) 31-31
34. Alex Nagy (KTM) 34-32
35. Roland Beck, Jr. (Kawasaki) 28-33
36. Brandon Riehm (Kawasaki) 30-35
37. Dakota Kessler (Honda) 38-37
38. William Clason (Honda) 40-38
39. Jesse Wentland (KTM) 33-39
40. Sean Hackley, Jr. (KTM) 36-40

250 MX Point Standings
1. Eli Tomac 455
2. Ken Roczen 416
3. Marvin Musquin 359
4. Blake Baggett 329
5. Zach Osborne 296
6. Jeremy Martin 249
7. Jason Anderson 248
8. Justin Bogle 238
9. Kyle Cunningham 204
10. Cole Seely 192
11. Cooper Webb 189
12. Justin Hill 178
13. Martin Davalos 136
14. Darryn Durham 128
15. Wil Hahn 125
16. Adam Cianciarulo 99
17. Joey Savatgy 89
18. Blake Wharton 85
19. Alex Martin 74
20. Kyle Peters 50

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