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Coronavirus Update and Perspective

Email sent: Feb 27, 2020 5:34pm

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Our opinion on how to prepare and navigate the Coronavirus
Uncharted Supply Co.


Christian here, founder of Uncharted.

For the past half a decade I’ve been watching macro trends and studying human and environmental patterns. I came to the conclusion that it was highly likely we would face large-scale emergencies in our lifetime, and that is why I decided to start Uncharted Supply Co in 2016.

We’ve had a ton of inbound questions around our perspective on the current Coronavirus (CV) and what people should do. I wanted to personally respond and let people know our thoughts on this.  The best approach is to break this into three distinct sections:

  1. Probables
  2. Assumptions
  3. Suggestions/Recommendations

Generally speaking, what we have is a fast-spreading pneumonia-like sickness. In itself, it’s not overly deadly outside of individuals who may already be compromised (elderly, sick, infants, etc). The real issue is its ability to hide for long incubation times and thus quickly spread in unsuspecting populations. The government will do all it can to stop the spread of this, and that’s where things get interesting. This has the potential to create shortages, shut down schools, and change life materially. The good news is that we believe most of the adverse affects can be overcome with simple planning. But first, our high-level overview:


  1. We believe CV has peaked in China. We believe China did an extremely good job getting this under control quickly due to their ability to control their citizens and this fact is overlooked.  
  2. We don’t believe CV is a killer disease. If you’re generally healthy, it can be likened to bad pneumonia. That said, there is no vaccine, so longer duration sickness can be expected.
  3. CV has a long incubation, so an infected person can be spreading CV without any symptoms for weeks.
  4. In China, an area is not considered safe until there are no new cases for 14 days. This could become the standard across the world, which leads us to assumptions….


  1. Given how quickly CV escalated while China did a great job containing it, we could see larger and faster escalations in countries with less governmental control.
  2. Assuming stopping the spread becomes the top priority, it’s very possible that our ability to move normally will change in certain areas. Public places in the US could be closed or shut down for extended durations. This could include schools, grocery stores, shopping centers, etc.
  3. The media is going to make this as scary as possible. Populations will buy in to this, and there will likely be panic - this could be the largest impacting issue of this entire situation. 


  1. Being prepared has no downside. Buy a few more days worth of groceries and household goods. You’ll use them anyways, and this way, in case there are shortages, its affect will be reduced. 
  2. Prevention, according to the CDC, is as easy as washing hands, surfaces and refraining from touching your eyes, nose, mouth or ears with dirty hands. Do this often.
  3. Air Masks are helpful if you’re around people who are potentially infected.  Our Seventy2 and Seventy2 PRO feature the very best N99 rated air masks on the market.  
  4. Keep anti-bacterial wipes and sanitation gel nearby and use often.  Each of our kits feature disposable, anti-bacterial wipes.
  5. Stay rested, hydrated, and eat well. 
  6. Avoid high-population areas if the virus is known nearby. 
  7. Be calm and follow recommendations from authorities. 


This virus has affected our inventory levels. Increased demand + shut-down factories have provided a perfect storm. We ordered much of our inventory at the end of Q4, right before Chinese New Year, so in many cases, we are first in line for new product. Many of our products are in production and due to ship in the coming days and weeks. 

In the meantime, we are going to announce variations on our kits to replace out-of-stock pieces with comparable pieces. Our goal is to provide an immediate solution to our Uncharted family without compromising quality, even though a few pieces may be different than originally planned. 


As we’ve been recommending since we first opened our doors for business, being prepared AHEAD of time is the best answer for Coronavirus or any other emergency. This isn’t the first, and it's not the last emergency we will face in our lifetimes, and likely the next emergency will be different, demanding different resources. In many ways, we hope this experience is a great lesson for people, and it pushes them to be more prepared for the next time.  

As always, we are here to answer any questions, and we are working around the clock with our suppliers and partners to provide you high quality products as quickly as possible.


Thank you, 


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