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Meet Farhia
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Farhia with a solar radio


In celebration of International Women’s Day, I'd like you to meet a young woman named Farhia. 

Farhia’s dream is to become a doctor. 

Each morning after breakfast and chores, she listens intently to lessons on a small solar radio. Her subjects vary from environmental and social sciences to the Somali language. In the afternoon, she puts her radio in the sun to recharge its batteries. 

Attending school was a dream for Farhia. Her mother died when she was four, and much of her childhood was spent helping at home, fetching water and looking after goats. When she visited her aunt in town, she envied the girls she saw going to school. 

“When I saw them in uniforms, I knew that I was missing out,” she says. “I felt that they were better than me.” 

Eventually, her father arranged for her to live with her aunt and attend school.

Farhia thrived. 

Then COVID-19 arrived, forcing the government to close schools. 

Education for 26 million students in the country came to a halt. 

UNICEF and partners began to explore alternative pathways for providing classes. Radio seemed the best option, but just 29% of children had access in rural regions. 

Farhia received her radio from UNICEF as part of a partnership funded by the UK government, which provided 20,000 solar radios for use in remote villages in Ethiopia. Priority was given to children living in poverty and those displaced by conflict.

Like many students, Farhia’s house in the Somali Region of Ethiopia is currently out of reach of radio signal. Her classes are recorded on a small pen drive she plugs into the radio, allowing her to pause and replay as she takes down notes in her exercise book.

The radio allowed her to continue her studies until her school reopened.

While she has a long way to go to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor, Farhia is determined to overcome ongoing barriers to girls' education and those posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each year, 132 million girls are out of school because of distance, conflict, lack of sanitation facilities and supplies. This number has grown even greater due to COVID-19. 

With your help, girls like Farhia can continue their education, no matter where they live. 

Learning by solar radio
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Thank you for helping to empower young women. Enjoy celebrating the incredible women of this world today (and every day). 

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