We are a bit scared too

Email sent: Mar 15, 2020 12:24pm

Hi ,

I send this email at the start of an epidemic of covid-19 in the UK. I do not know what the outcome of the viral infection will be. No one really knows how easy it is to spread and the damage it causes.

Liz and I are in our late 40s and of good health so will hopefully be okay - but we both have mothers in their 80s with bad lung conditions. We empathise with you if you have a health condition that leaves you more susceptible to this outbreak.

Fear responses are known to weaken the immune system and so we want to do everything we can to help anyone feeling a bit panicky during this time. Liz by day is a therapist and I have learned (even though I am a shy stubborn man) that talking things through is good.

Here are a few resources we know about where you can have a chat and help talk through your concerns.

Free Online Therapy - Liz is on here:


Therapy directory - you can talk to some councillors over Skype


If anyone is in dire need and we can help please WhatsApp me at 0778612742.

We can get through this and when we do we will be stronger.

Love to all,


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