The Key to Bulking and Cutting

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Cutting and Bulking Season
The Key to Bulking and Cutting
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Whether you’ve decided to bulk up this winter or are already looking forward to warmer weather and started cutting, there’s one very important thing these two opposing cycles have in common – the need to increase your protein intake.

If you want to bulk up and add muscle, you have to consume more calories, and the majority of those calories should come from protein, carbs and high-quality fats. Protein will aid in building muscle mass, but even more importantly, muscle repair. Add a post-workout protein shake to your routine to help you recover from the new training volume.

When cutting, high protein intake is key. Protein is responsible for building lean muscle, boosting your metabolism, and aiding in fat loss. Protein will also help keep you feeling fuller longer, a bonus when trying to decrease your calorie intake. A high-quality protein powder makes it easy to increase your daily protein without adding an excess of calories.

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