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Understanding Mobility
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Most people focus on two things when it comes to their fitness routine, diet and exercise. But there is another key factor to consider, mobility.

Mobility is often confused with flexibility, but the two are very different. Flexibility is the passive ability to stretch a muscle group into position. Mobility is active. It's the ability to control that position without needing to stretch to get there.

For example, if you raise your knee up toward your chest, you are actively engaging your muscles to control this stretch. This is mobility. If you use your hands to pull your knee closer to your chest, this is flexibility.

When strength training, mobility is what allows your muscles to move through the full range of motion necessary to get the real benefit out of any exercise. It is also critical to endurance training; if your body can't move properly, it can't really repeat a motion well when you run, row, or even pedal a bike.

If you want to get stronger or build endurance, you need to focus on your mobility. Start incorporating dynamic stretches into your warm-up to activate the muscle groups you are about to engage; this will help to increase strength and avoid injury.

Try these 3 moves to get you started:
Cat Cow Spider-Man Lunge Lunge to T-Spine Rotation
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