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How to Read Herbal Supplement Labels to Find One You Trust

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Also: FREE lip balm, protein myths, brain health news, how to feel less lonely + more.
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How to Read Herbal Supplement Labels to Find One You Trust.

How to Read Herbal Supplement Labels to Find One You Trust

If you’ve ever turned over a supplement bottle looking for simple answers, there’s a good chance you were left with some questions, instead. Admittedly, the information that’s packed into such a small amount of real estate can be confusing — vague on some points and exceedingly specific on others. Learn how to read herbal supplement labels to find one you trust using these simple guidelines at Vital Plan »

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The Connection Between Gut Health and Parkinson's.

The Surprising Link Between Gut Health & Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease is currently the fastest growing neurological condition in the world. Discover how researchers have taken a step toward a potential treatment, identifying a link between the gut microbiome and the onset of Parkinson's at MindBodyGreen »

Clearing Up Some Myths About Protein

Let's Clear Up Some Myths About Protein

We can all agree that nutrition is confusing, especially when it comes to protein. If you have questions about how much protein you need, the best food sources, the safety of soy, or whether eggs are a good choice, separate fact from fiction at Seattle Times »

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B Corp Spotlight: Seal the Seasons

B Corp Spotlight: Seal the Seasons

Vital Plan is proud to be one of 3,000+ certified For-Benefit Corporations or B Corps, and we love shining a light on other B Corps that use the power of business to positively address social and environmental issues. This month, we encourage you to check out Seal the Seasons, a company that helps family farms freeze their produce and sell it in local grocery stores year-round. Their goal is to help reduce food waste, create a more localized food system, and help small farms find success in a big-box world. Learn more about their mission at Seal the Seasons »

7 Pantry Staples That Should Be Stored in Your Fridge

7 Pantry Staples That Really Belong in the Fridge

You've got your grocery-put-away routine down to a science by now, but this news will likely shake things up: Some classic pantry items should be stored in the fridge instead for freshness and mold prevention. Learn which ones at Well + Good »

Feel more connected

7 Ways to Feel More Connected and Less Lonely

Despite the advent of social media and our constantly-connected world, we're feeling lonelier than ever. Unfortunately, that sense of isolation can impair our emotional and physical health. Learn 7 easy ways to find more connection at Psychology Today »

Free Lip Balm with Every CBD Purchase.

Get a Free Lip Balm with Any CBD Purchase

Feeling chapped? You'll love our soothing lip balm! We'll give you a FREE tin when you purchase any Vital Plan Select premium CBD product, including our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil and our Joint & Muscle Rub with CBD and essential oils. Consider it our way of saying happy New Year!

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