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The 5 Herbs You Need Every Day for a Longer, Happier Life

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Also: Save 15%, a total-body detox tool, smart swaps for sweet treats, inflammation 101 + more.
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The 5 Herbs You Need Every Day for a Longer, Happier Life.

The 5 Herbs You Need Every Day for a Longer, Happier Life

While more than one-third of Americans take a multivitamin/multimineral supplement, the benefits go only as far as replacing missing nutrients. A more comprehensive option for total-body health: A daily herbal supplement. Discover which 5 adaptogenic herbs you need every day for a longer, happier life, plus how they help slow the aging process at a cellular level from Dr. Bill Rawls at Vital Plan »

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How to Use Your Foam Roller for the Ultimate Lymphatic Detox.

Why a Foam Roller is the Ultimate Lymphatic Detox Tool

Foam rolling is one of the most dependable ways to ease muscle aches, get myofascial release, and aid flexibility. It's also a great way to support total-body detoxification. Get the best moves for clearing out lymphatic congestion at Well + Good »

Why Tiny Habits Change Everything, According to a Stanford Behavioral Scientist

Forget Big Goals — Tiny Changes Can Change Everything

You probably committed to your 2020 goals with conviction. But now, a few weeks in, are you finding that your objectives may have been too big to tackle all at once? Learn why big goals can backfire, and how downsizing yours can lead to success, at Forbes »

Smart Swaps for Your Favorite Guilty-Pleasure Foods + Drinks.

Smart Swaps for Your Favorite Guilty-Pleasure Foods + Drinks

Even the healthiest eaters among us have that one favorite not-so-healthy food or beverage they just can't quit. (Sugary cereal or coffee creamer, anyone?) To the rescue: Some lighter, more nutritious alternatives that truly deliver on flavor from Healthline »

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7 Ways Inflammation Affects Your Body

VIDEO: 7 Ways Inflammation Affects Your Body

Inflammation is your body’s natural defense against outside threats like stress, infection, and toxins. But chronic inflammation can put you at risk of heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and more. Learn why, and get tips for keeping inflammation in check at Health »

Real Everything

Check Out "Real Everything" with Stacy and Matthew

Health scares and a need for change sparked the Real Everything blog for co-authors Stacy and Matt in 2010. Discover how the couple adapts their lifestyle to manage autoimmune disease, dodge toxins, and in general deal with real life in real ways at Real Everything »

Save 15% on Gut Balance

SAVE 15% on Gut Balance!

Stimulate and support healthy digestion with Gut Balance™. This unique herbal blend was specially formulated by Dr. Bill Rawls to help maintain the protective mucus barrier of the GI tract, promote friendly gut flora, and support optimal liver function.* Order today, and save 15% when you use the Coupon Code  NOURISH15  at Vital Plan »

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