In VR, training is supercharged

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Learn in virtual reality to save costs, time and effort.
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Next-level VR

12:00PM, May 11 & 12 (EDT)

Day 1: Keynote Event

We debut what’s new. Join us live and discover next-level VR.

Day 2: ISV Partner & Developer Sessions

Here’s another sneak peek at our curated panels. Next on the agenda – training.

Jeremy Dalton

Jeremy Dalton

Head of XR

Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl

Futurist & Author
Futures Intelligence Group

Christophe Mallet

Christophe Mallet

Co-Founder & CEO

Rick Smith

Rick Smith


Justin Parry

Justin Parry

Founder & COO

Olivier Pierre

Olivier Pierre

Immersive Factory

Training the next workforce

Did you know that VR trainees are more engaged, learn more effectively, and retain their knowledge for longer? VR gives multiple participants a simultaneous true-to-life experience efficiently and safely, with no disruption to the workplace.

Are you ready to take professional training to the next level?

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Keynote Event


ISV Partner & Developer Sessions

COLLABORATION: Working together, even when apart.

TRAINING: The potential of learning and development in the virtual world.

HEALTH: Taking tech to the frontline of healthcare.

DESIGN: The power of bringing imagination to life.

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: What can VR do for fun?

DEVELOPER TRACK: A partnership approach: what’s new for developers?

For the most complex training tasks, you need hardware that’s up to the job.

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