Emerald OG at it's Finest.

Email sent: Oct 26, 2020 8:30pm

Emerald OG is perfect for playing video games or watching a few movies, but it won’t knock you out beyond your ability to remain active. With the aroma and taste of flowers, melon and a hint of vanilla, as the night progresses, this hybrid will ultimately bypass relaxation effects and put you in a couch-lock. Save this strain for a chill night in. 



The smoke offers flavours of kerosene and diesel with some lemon notes plus a super fun relaxing high. The effect has a great medical use. SFV OG is capable of inciting a full-body state of euphoria, but without binding the user to the couch with insurmountable lethargy so you can keep on with your day!


Originating in Jamaica, and popular with Bob Marley, Lamb’s Bread is a Sativa dominant cannabis originating in Jamaica and is known for its energetic and happy effects. Lamb’s Bread cannabis is recommended for daytime smoking and is great for alleviating fatigue and depression. Lamb’s Bread leaves users in a state of constant introspection, where they may look at old ideas in a new light.


The THC level of Jedi Kush is a mind-controlling 12%-14%, leaving your thoughts spacey and euphoric. The body begins feeling warm and relaxed, as a slight bout of energy awakens the senses. Some reviewers experience the energetic feel while others claim to be more affected by a slight sedation. This strain is known to reduce negative thoughts, easing the mind, and alleviating stress/anxiety.



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