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July 15, 2021 - Wimbledon White, Stolen Tacos, and Greatest Car Movies

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Quality content for elevated living. Here are our favorite things we've been learning, watching, listening to, and eating this week.
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Western Rise
July 15, 2021 - The Diversion - Here are our favorite things we’ve been learning, watching, listening to, and eating this week.

“Ain't no man can avoid being born average, but there ain't no man got to be common.”

Satchel Paige

Mental Floss

Why Do Wimbledon Players Wear All White?

After Novak Djokovic's record-tying win at Wimbledon last Sunday, we've been thinking about the tournament's famous dress code. The rules, which specify that players must dress "almost entirely in white," are so strict that the referee can force players to change under threat of disqualification — but why?


Other Favorites

The Saturday Evening Post

Why Do Playing Cards Have a Joker?

A 19th-century card maker reshuffled our notion of the card game by illustrating and popularizing the wild card.
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Worst Places To Get A Sunburn, Ranked

Here is a list of some human body parts, ranked in order of how much it sucks to get a sunburn on them, from worst to least-bad.
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How Taco Bell 'Stole' the Taco

Despite Taco Bell's international fame, Mitla Cafe has a place in the history of Mexican American cuisine as the first eatery to serve hard-shell tacos in the US.
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The Conversation

Why Vacations Feel Like They’re Over Before They Even Start

For many people, summer vacation can’t come soon enough. But when a vacation approaches, do you ever get the feeling that it’s almost over before it starts?
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Gear Patrol

How to Survive a Wild Animal Attack

If you ever find yourself in a standoff with a grizzly, moose, or alligator, here's how to survive unscathed.

Classic FM

17 Pop Songs You Didn’t Know Were Inspired by Classical Music

From Billy Joel’s inability to resist a good Beethoven melody to Lady Gaga’s sampling of rhapsodic violin solos, here are the greatest examples of classical samples in pop.

Punch Drink

A Tour of America’s Beloved Regional Cocktails

A look at the drinks that have become regional obsessions — from Maryland’s Orange Crush to Texas’ Ranch Water.


The 38 Greatest Car Movies Ever Made

There's nothing like enjoying a good, exciting car movie in the summer. Some are great, some are downright terrible. Let’s take a step back and look at some of the best car movies over the years.

The Verge

Nothing’s Debut Earbuds

The "Nothing Ear" will cost $99 and will feature active noise cancellation. Each earbud will be equipped with three mics with a limited initial release. Consider us intrigued.

July 15

This Day in History

In 1942, the first supply flight from India to China over the 'Hump' is flown.

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