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Willo’s team includes dentists, dental hygienists, engineers, and scientists: They’re on a mission to create millions of healthier, happier mouths, especially for kids. But why is it so important to build good brushing habits from a young age?

First off, diet and nutrition. what a child eats plays a huge role in their dental health. Sugary, sticky foods like chocolate and caramel lower the mouth’s acidity, promoting cavity-causing bacteria.

Why does that matter? Because cavities on baby teeth can spread to adult teeth! (Scary, but true.) And poor oral health as an adult can affect overall health, leading to increased risk of heart and lung disease, diabetes, and dementia. Setting kids up with healthy brushing habits sets them up for a healthier life in the future.

And another thing: Cavities and tooth loss at a young age can affect a child’s self-image, nutrition, and speech development—and cause lots of pain. Ouch.


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