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Email sent: Apr 26, 2021 10:01pm

Q: I don't understand how Willo works.

A: Regular toothbrushes depend on the user’s skill, which can lead to inconsistent results, especially with plaque removal. But Willo is automated, which means easier, more consistent cleanings!

Q: If I use Willo, do I still need to go to the dentist?

A: Don’t skip your appointments! At-home oral care is vital, but only one part of maintaining a healthy mouth. Dental pros can diagnose gum issues and cavities, take X-rays, remove tartar below the gums, and spot any serious issues.

Q: How often do I need to use Willo?

A: Twice a day, just like a regular toothbrush!

Q: Is it safe to share Willo with the whole family?

A: Sure thing! Willo’s design means it’ll prevent users from sharing any germs or bacteria. Just clean it as instructed. Each user should use their own mouthpiece and not share it with others.

Q: Do I need to subscribe to use Willo?

A: Willo was made to work with special components, so you’ll need to subscribe to our Routine Refill box. Each box has a mouthpiece and 2 rinse pods, and should last about 3 months per child.


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