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Woombikes.com - kinderleicht Radfahren

Hi -an extra dose of flow is heading your way!

Email sent: May 30, 2020 11:25am
It's time to ramp up the fun factor and expand the possibilities for young riders. Wondering how? Keep reading to find out!


Dear woom community!


Have you been feeling the need to keep your family bike rides short and sweet on fairly flat terrain? Or do you just end up towing your kids up all the steep hills with a bungee? Or maybe you live up in the mountains and have a child who often uses the taxi of mum and dad rather than hopping on their bike to get from A to B because of the serious altitude involved with every journey?
Well, guess what?


Our superlight woom UP e-mountain bike is here to save the day!


Things are about to change thanks to the woom UP! Now there's nothing holding your kids back from challenging mountain bike rides and those daily journeys to school, to visit friends and to play sport!


Child 7 - 11 years • 128 - 145 cm
Bike 24" • 15,8 kg

Child 10 - 14 years • 140 - 165 cm
Bike 26" • 16,6 kg


An extra dose of flow for fun times guaranteed

And it's all thanks to the bike's light weight, child-friendly design, easy handling, high-quality components and innovative Fazua drive system, which provides your kids with smooth, sensitive motor support and a perfectly natural feeling when cycling – just like on a mountain bike without motor support. You can read more about all the special features of the woom UP in our latest

blog post.


And one more thing...


Once your children are the proud owners of a woom UP bike, you're going to have to get used to the idea of them standing by your bed first thing on a Sunday morning and demanding to go on their next mountain bike adventure.

Just so you're prepared... Don't say we didn't warn you!

Your kids' games consoles, smartphones and tablets will have to be brave too. Because things are going to get really lonely for them. Maybe just switch them on every couple of months and give them a charge so you don't end up having to replace the battery. 😉


All that's left for us to say is... Have fun on your future family adventures with

our superlight woom UP! Level UP your ride!


Your woom team


woom GmbH, Inkustraße 1-7, Halle 14 Top 5, Klosterneuburg, Niederösterreich 3400, Österreich, +43 2243 23923

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