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🍂 Hi -get equipped for leafy autumnal rides with 25 % off! 🍂

Email sent: Oct 21, 2020 8:00am
Discover how to make the most of riding amongst the fallen leaves in our seasonal special.

Dear woom community!


Summer is over and autumn has come knocking, but that’s no reason to leave your bicycles in the garage! Get to know what makes autumn such a special season:




With fiery-coloured leaves scattered everywhere, crystalline skies, and puddles covered with a delicate layer of ice, autumnal bike rides with your offspring are very special – even when the mercury drops! Our latest article covers everything you need to know about cooler rides and explores exactly why being outdoors in autumn is something to embrace!


When tyres go ‘pfffft’


Flat tyres are one of the most common mechanical mishaps on any bike ride, so to make sure that you and your offspring won’t be caught out and left stranded by one of these annoyances, our mechanic Tim shows us in four easy steps how to change a tube and get our bikes back on track.


    Keeping cosy on the go


     Autumn’s radiant colours don’t always project rays of warmth. But when the forecast predicts low temperatures, fog and drizzle, the simple addition of a few key pieces will keep you toasty on your rides. Our MOLINA Winter Hat is a sensible option to keep heads and ears cosy and warm on cold days.


    Take advantage of our seasonal special sale and get 25% off this item as well as other selected pieces from the WORN TO BE WILD by woom apparel collection.


    Voucher code:



    Simply type in the voucher code at check-out. The discount will automatically be applied to all eligible items. The code is valid until 31/12/20.


    We hope you and your kids have a blast on your autumnal riding adventures! Let the leaves fly and the puddles splash beneath your tyres!


    Your woom team

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